2007-07-21 - The Bridges III - East to West

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  • This is because I suck and I missed the last one, and I'm missing the next one.

    So... how about we just say fuck it, and do another impromptu ride in two days time?

    Perhaps not so late, more evening than night, how about bringing along some BBQ stuff and having hot dogs out near Kew Bridge on the riverside path?

    Dunno, it's just an idea. I want to ride, and I want to do the bridges, and I can't make the other rides so how about this Saturday?


    Meet outside Ken's House at 9pm.

    We ride East to West.

    BBQ at Kew Bridge.

    Bring some bears for the BBQ.
    We'll delegate food purchases on Friday 20th July. You might be obliged to buy some buns, sausages or even a foil/portable BBQ.

  • /// in like flynn ///

    1. velocity boy
    2. wayne_f14

    So what do you reckon to the bringing a BBQ thing?

    With the stuff distributed over a few riders it shouldn't be a problem. Someone could carry two portable foil BBQ things. Someone could carry buns. Someone could carry hot dogs. Someone could carry beer, as could another person or two ;)

    1. velocity boy
    2. wayne_f14
    3. MA3K (I am busy until after nine on Saturday, otherwise I would like to come.)
  • I'm busy most of Saturday evening, but if its a late start you bet im in! Actually I only just joined this group and I joined it purely because of the increasingly famous Bridges Ride so HI EVERYONE !!!!!!!

  • Bbq! Bbq! Bbq!

    I'm in

  • I am really really tempted, just trying to sort out the logistics now. There is an informal stag do that I may have to go to, but seeing as I am missing the Dunwich for the actual wedding I think they owe me a ride.

    As for the BBQ, interesting idea, should be doable.

    The weather looks slightly dodgy but might be OK :-)

  • Tarka the Otter I'm busy most of Saturday evening, but if its a late start you bet im in! Actually I only just joined this group and I joined it purely because of the increasingly famous Bridges Ride so HI EVERYONE !!!!!!!

    Well this one will be quite small I think.

    It's very short notice.

    Though I'm looking forward to the BBQ :)

    How long did it take you guys last time? And it should be faster/smoother with fewer of us so we'll shave a tenth off the time easily I think.

  • Oh, and what time do people want to head out? 9 or 10pm? Earlier? Later?

    I'll keep the first post updated with the plans as we make them up.

  • Tarka the Otter

    You have the best name on the forum.

    At a party sat, don't know how long it will go on for. I'll give you a bell if I'm coming.

  • 9pm sounds good for me. Have had a serious sleep deficit recently and don't want to be up ALL night.

  • Following the original route or the reversed (west to east) route?

  • unfortunately i have to return to my dreaded home town....on the positive side its my mates birthday....anyhow i wont be able to make it,sorry:(

  • no can do too, got ealing blues festival have not missed it in 12 years, sorry chaps...

  • Follow the original route, the reverse is for the 18th

  • Original route. It's easier to organise :) East to West.

    Same starting point and end point.

    Which is where btw?

  • Kens House out front.

  • deleted to avoid confuzz ions

  • the northern contingent did. then we met up with the southeners outside ken's place.

  • That was the North meeting-point, then they came to the South meeting-point, Kens house.

  • I had a curry the other night that was a Chicken Tarka.
    It was like a Chiken Tikka only a little 'otter

    sorry… count me in.

  • How long did the ride last for the first one? I gotta get up early next day for club run so I need a couple of hours kip.. well, okay I don't NEED it but I WANT it..

  • If my memory serves, we left Tower Bridge at 12(ish) and hit Kew Bridge about 3:30? :-/

  • So, 9 - 12.30/1am.. then ride home via kebab shop.. wake up and roll out again! :)
    I might give this a go then - will depend on what I've actually committed to this w/e.

  • I think we should be able to go faster given the smaller group.

    And be at Kew Bridge for around midnight.

    Then fire up the BBQ :)

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2007-07-21 - The Bridges III - East to West

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