First build...and not much money :/

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  • I've been lurking on these forums for a while and decided to sign up to get some advice for my first build.
    I'm currently riding a naff old road bike someone gave to me when my MTB decided to give out on me. After being suitable impressed with the speed of the bike (compared to my old one), I've decided that it needs a bit of TLC. Since I'm too lazy to shift gears, a fixed-gear is kinda appealing!

    I've been in contact with Arup who has kindly offered to build a couple of wheels for me, however I'm need of some advice for some other bits and pieces before the wheels go on. I've only got around £200 (inc wheels/hubs) to spend and I'm happy with the frame, saddle and bars. I've made a list of items that I think need to be replaced and would be grateful for any advice on the parts or other parts that you might suggest:

    Front brake (caliper) and brake lever - My current one is a bit crap, drop is about 50mm.
    Crankset and maybe bottom bracket (not sure what state my one is in and what compatibility is like!?) - Currently at 175mm and would prefer 165mm to prevent clipping the road on sharp bends.

    I'm extremely comfortable riding 45T on the front and 16T on the back so I would be looking for suitable parts (new or used).

    Thanks, Pj

  • get stronglight cranks from hubjub or cyclebasket, brakes are cheap check ebay for one or cyclebasket again.
    Cyclebasket is a great online shop and carry a wide range of parts to suit everyone's pockets.

  • You could get a TA 45t chainring new or you might get lucky and find one on ebay. There's a 44t on at the moment. If you like 45/16 with a 175mm, you might prefer 44/16 with a 165 as a shorter crank makes it feel like a higher gear.

    Are you planning to stick with a 3/32 drive train or switch to 1/8?

  • I think I will stick with the 3/32. The problem I'm having is sourcing parts since there is so much out there and so many factors/measurements you have to take into consideration it's a real nightmare for a "beginner" to hopefully get it right first time around!

  • i agree with natureboy.
    and 45T chainrings aren't quite easy to find.
    look up sheldon brown on google his site is extremely useful.

    also your brakes probably aren't crap they just need proper adjustment. it's a very common case. there's another thread on this forum about it.

    another thing you might consider is that you might eventually end up with a cyclocross lever or even a v-brake lever and these generally provides more (could be a lot) leverage on a caliper brake than many standard road levers. i've embarassed myself enough throwing myself over the bars trying to get used to them! lucky it wasn't in a panic stop!

  • Thanks...I checked out the brake topic and I probably just need some new brake pads and some fine adjustments.

    As for the 45T chainring, I probably miscounted so it could well have been 44 or 46T.

    I'm still having problems finding a suitable 165mm crankset - I've checked cyclebasket and not having much luck :(

  • Cyclebasket is a great online shop and carry a wide range of parts to suit everyone's pockets.


  • Bloody hell I must be blind...I swear it said 170mm! Although they're a little expensive I don't mind spending the money on some quality parts.

    Any suggestions on a bottom bracket? (How do I figure out what size I'll need?)

    Sorry about all the questions!

    PS - Does anyone stop off at Filthy McNasties on Amwell street for a quick bevy in the evening? I tend to ride by on my way back from work and often see several fixies outside.

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First build...and not much money :/

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