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  • so i've got these two images that show quite a fun event .... i think
    i just need to bring out the event a bit more to make it clear , i need to bring out the white on these images while contrasting it to the background, the white is on the glass almost like a very faint chalk dust type substance

    can someone assist or advise how i might do it in ms paint or in flickr

    once the contrast is highlighted it should become clear what has happened

  • Not sure ms paint will have the options

  • or try

    works straight in your browser, you can just duplicate your layer and change the merge mode to overlay to bring out the contrast.

  • cheers both

    i haven't so far been able to bring out the image of bird with wings extended that collided with the glass but will keep trying

  • Best I could do in a few mins.

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    • BirdStrike.jpg
  • I've been asked to replicate something. The blue overlay on the left should look the same as on the right. How do I go about it accurately? Obviously just using the colour selector will be biased because of the image under the original.

    I've made the new image under the left black and white but could revert to colour.

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    • screen.jpg
  • in PS under "corrections" (sorry, just the german version here) must be something like "color temperature"...

  • add more cyan to the image on the left?

  • I've tried adding more cyan but can't get the sweet spot. Also juggling between changing opacity of the overlay. Changing hue/sat (which I think is the colour temp deerheart is referring to?) Changing contrast of the image beneath the overlay etc. I take it there's no magic tool I'm missing which will just do it.

  • As an infrequent PS user I would…
    Eyedrop high spot and low spot on existing image; gradient map adjustment layer between the two on new image. Greyscale and adjust levels of new image to taste if it's not 100% match.

  • it wouldd take me longer to write out how to do than actually do it.
    send it to me and i’ll have a look and leave the adjustment layers on it so you cans how it’s done

  • 2 adjustment layers i can send you the psd

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    • Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 11.44.19 am.png

    just take the settings and apply to your master file, may be slightly off due to dragging it from a web page and sometimes that will shift colours but open the adjustment layers and see what i have done and do some tweaks.

  • Couldn't you just pick the colour and overlay a solid fill in colour/hue blending mode (I forget which)?

  • No. as that’s not going to allow you to tweak the contrast by working in the colour or white’s/black’s/mids. a colour fill is likely to be flat and then if you curve it you have to remember to use luminosity mode as normal shifts the saturation and colour. selective colour allows finer control and HSB allows global colour shifts and brightness/saturation if needed. (could have got there without this layer)

    there are plenty of ways to crack a nut though, i’m sure there are other ways than what i did that have the same or similar control.

  • Got ya, yeah I was assuming the two photos have similar levels I suppose, but that's probably not true.

  • Is it possible to embed a video from URL in InDesign? My document currently just has a hyperlink to a youtube page but I'm thinking it would be preferable to play directly in the PDF without embedding within the PDF it and making the document file size huge (not sure if this is actually possible, it is with powerpoint)

    Presumably I'll need a direct URL to the mp4 rather than a URL to youtube

  • Yes and no, mostly no.

    PDFs theoretically support viewing a video on the page. This requires embedded video (massive file size), viewing in Acrobat (which nobody does, preferring OS defaults or mobile), and Flash (which is dead).

    So you're left with clunky answers only. Hyperlink to YouTube is fine if you're pro-google; I normally place a screen cap/title frame with a play icon over it as a web users would expect, and then link to wherever the video is hosted – in my case clients usually have specific pages set up for the media.

    Also this has nothing to do with Photoshop.

  • The image in the hyperlink was done in part with photoshop if that helps

    Anyway, I think you answered my question, thanks.

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Photoshop thread

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