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  • Good shout but I tried that too, also tried converting the layer to a smart object, and rasterising it.

  • Ha! Solved it, I learn that spherize has a maximum image pixel dimension (11500 x 11500), my document was too large

    Google Search 1 - 0 DuckDuckGo

  • Does anyone know a way to get a KML /KMZ file from google maps into aftereffects or photoshop?

    Or am I best of just tracing over the route in those programmes?

  • Me again.

    I think the answer is probably no, but I'm having trouble conforming, I'm sure I did it yesterday but can't figure it out now.

    two windows for the same file (no problem),
    but different layer activity on each. I want to edit a mask by tracing over a photo, and then see the resulting masked layer comped over the top of the photo on the other screen.

  • Since I upgraded to Win10 (and also updated Photoshop) I now have the massive crop handles.
    Is there any way to go back to the old, subtle ones??

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  • So i ordered some bike parts off ebay over Christmas which never turned up because i live in a shitty area and i think the delivery guy handed them to someone else, the dude sent them uninsured and tracked but not signed for and royal mail wont accept fault because it was sent from Copenhagen. Anyone any good at Photoshop wanna help me edit a letter for me so i can get some compensation back?

    I'd do it but since i upgraded my os on mac my CS6 doesnt work :(

  • Anyone handy with Photoshop fancy deleting the chap from this picture?

  • How's this?

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  • Awesome! Thanks.

  • Can anyone vectorise the Cliff Shrubb frame text and the CS logo in the link below, so its just the internal black lettering?­kxc~Vzk/s-l1600.jpg

    Thanks in advance

  • I'll never trust any pictures you post ever again. :)

  • Holy shit thats good

  • is that an icu ward at st thomas's ?

  • Anyone switched from Photoshop to affinity photo?

    I can’t be doing with the adobe subscription, I don’t use it enough

  • Not me, I've never had any editing software, but Affinity is 50% off at the moment, and at £25 seems a good deal.

  • Anyone got any good .pat files? I'm thinking hand drawn hatches and architectural type patterns.

  • Can anyone recommend a laptop that's sub £1k for a photography student that can use photoshop?

  • New Macbook Air (with the M1 chip)?

  • If they’re a student then you can get it cheaper too either direct from Apple or

  • Would anyone be able to convert a DWG to AI for me? I'm just testing a workflow from Revit to AE but my free trial has run out and I don't know any other way to convert DWG to vector graphics format.

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  • Illustrator thread >>>

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  • Thank you!

  • Anyone aware of a way to control the 'blend if' effect with a texture?

    For example the attached image has five separate layers, each with a different setting, but I'm looking for a way to accomplish similar with a greyscale image. Can't for the life of me figure out how.

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  • Not sure if it'll achieve what you need, but what if you convert the layer to smart object then mask the effect? Actually not even sure if you can mask a layer effect like you can a smart filter.

    It kind of looks like you could do it with a regular mask on the layer but I'm sure what you're after is probably more complicated than that.

    Edit: you can't mask a layer style apparently, but I think a regular layer mask should do what you want? you can past in an image, select the channel and edit and adjust until the masking is correct

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Photoshop thread

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