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  • Ha! Was waiting for an opportunity to paste a mate's handywork!

  • ok, so I know a few of you on here use Photoshop whether it be professionally or just for fun (Arrospok anyone?)

    here's 2 excellent tutorials that can help you master this sometimes complex program. I know I've found them to be invaluable :-)­4M­Z0

  • lawl

  • amazing. :D

  • Excellent

  • i am new to PS scripting so this might be a stupid question
    I don't know if there are any photoshop scripting (JS) geniusses here but I've been trying to get the actual height of a text layer (so i can position the next line right beneath it) with:
    var abc=­lue;
    and then I try to write it in another textlayer using $.toString(abc)
    but all I get as output is "[helper object]"

    any tips?

  • Never mind... found it.

  • i had no frickin idea there was scripting as well in ps, where?

  • I had heard about it but never tried it... it rocks though... I'm making a little script to convert an excel file (exported as semicolon delimited textfile) with event dates into photoshop slides...
    I'm also going to look into scripting After Effects as that would eliminate yet another step.

  • .

  • apple + z ftw.

  • apple + alt + ctrl + eject ftw.


  • Aright turns out I haven't worked it out.
    I have a batch of pictures that I want to put together as a grid with no spacing between them. Anyone know of an automated way of doing this? Tried Contact Sheet but ain't really happening with that.

  • hmmn. Indesign?

  • Only got Photoshop :(

  • i've not go it, but bridge has an output contact sheet using indesign. that might have the options you seeketh. if not, just arrange it all in illustrator? if not you need to bust a gut with poposhop.

  • doh.

  • Bad Designer!

  • the more time you waste throwing insults, the less time you've got to laboriously make grids and arrange photos you slacker! :D

  • load all the images as a stack, increase the canvas size and manually move them into position

  • load all the images as a stack, increase the canvas size and manually move them into position

    . . . . after setting up a grid so they 'click' into place.

  • ... whilst rubbing your belly and patting your head.

  • If you are lazy, add them all with touching edges. Then make white bars that separate the images on top.


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Photoshop thread

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