The right levers for my cables!

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  • Hi.

    Just got my Condor 531 Competition frame back from Argos Cycles and it looks superb in battleship grey! The rear wheel has been built up with a Surly flip flop, so I'm almost ready to roll...

    Only problem is I've gone about things a bit arse about face and bought some Shimano brake cables before buying any brake levers, not realising that there are different nipples used.

    Most bike brakes I've used before have had a cylinder type nipple across the cable but these have a stepped cylinder nipple in line with the cable.

    I want some nice vintage alloy levers, so can anyone advise which ones will work with these cables? Will they have to be Shimano too, or are any other makes compatible.

    Your wisdom will be much appreciated by me and the Condor fixie-single!


  • gear cable housing is different from brake cable housing. i don't think you should swap them round?

  • umm thats what i was thinking

  • Cables cost fuck-all just buy another set. Or get the levers first, your LBS will let you swap the cables.

  • gear cable is thinner.

    it's not meant to take the strain of a brake, despite the fact it won't really fit

  • Sorry, didn't mean to confuse! I meant brake cables.

    No point in buying another set cos I haven't bought any levers yet. I just want to make sure that I buy the right levers for my cables. None of the ones on Ebay seem to mention what sort of nipple they use.

    Cheers for the help.

  • yeah cos the tend to be all the same (I think)

  • better to buy new cables for your brakes as opposed to new brakes for yer cables

  • OK. Thanks. It's weird 'cos the Weimann levers on my other 80's bike use totally different nipples. Not to worry. I'll just buy some levers and try them. Thanks for the advice.

  • Yeah but buy what you want off ebay.

    Your LBS will swap the cables, don't let the bits of wire you currently own be a determinant over your lever purchase.

  • Road type levers = pear nipple

    Mbt / bmx lever = barrel nipple

  • Girlfriend = erect nipples

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The right levers for my cables!

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