Wet weather gear

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  • Stef i just scored gore tex jacket and trousers for £20 postage included.

    where from stef??

  • great for visibility then :P

  • Wow, they're really cheap... I might have to buy some of those :) Even though they are camo, and my bag is camo so I'll look like a total army nerd.

  • eeehhhh hippy's mentionings of lycra make me tempted to buy some :-| Riding today in normal shorts was really annoying because they kept riding up loads..

    Back when I used to ride around on an mtb I swore I'd never wear lycra. Now I have more lycra shorts than I have normal trousers.

  • hahahaaa :)

    I only own jeans. And a pair of trousers for formal stuff, just one mind.

  • City Office W"nk Dress Code Policy forces me to own "proper shirts" and "trousers" as well as "propah shoes". Fkn w@nk!
    Can't even claim all this crap as a business expense even though i only own it to work where i do. Fkn ridic! (I'm quite unhappy with this policy if you can't tell)


  • cool, take the front wheel off and it's an impromtu dart-board!

    Llllllllets play darts!

  • hippy

    SWEET !!!

    I used to own a GIJOE Bigwheel.

  • give him the stick.......dont give him the damn stick!!!

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Wet weather gear

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