Names and faces to bikes

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  • the orange one?

  • Here are a few build I made from the same frame

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  • Hello!

    My current bikes consist of a rigid Ridley 26er and an unfinished alu Bill Nickson.
    and me getting a kiss from a mahoosive customer's dog

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  • My bikes are all horrid mishmash things that have been posted elsewhere:

    and a 29er MTB that I can't be bothered to find a picture of

    I look like this. Haven't cut my hair or beard for nearly a year for some idiotic reason; I normally look a lot more normal than this, but I chose the most accurate picture rather than the most flattering... Feels weird to deliberately post my face publicly on the internet but here we go. Enjoy my cheery expression

    If you see a man who could conceivably be a) homeless b) living in the mountains or c) just a deranged academic, riding a POS bike in Edinburgh, it could well be me

    Edit: as you might gather, aesthetics have gone by the wayside somewhat at this stage in my life

  • Hello! New bike day! My Cinelli, also known as 'Troublegum', is now complete, so I tought I'd introduce the family to the forum!😂
    Troublegum is a custom build steel frame bike intended for track, but possibly also road use. Just completed, after collecting parts for a nearly month, either second hand or new. She's my beauty!😍
    My Giant, also known as 'Tackleberry', is my road steed, 2016 born and taken me thousands of kilometres far, so we'll both keep going, exploring the earth. Reliable horse! 😊
    The doggy is Mr.Bags, 13 year old Parson Russell Terrier, often upset cuz I leave him alone to go ride. Occasionally he gets on a huge bike trailer for city pootles; like all dogs, he likes the breeze under his chicks! :)

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  • Current bike

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  • Yellow bike is nice :)

  • As my bikes are posted here anyway, I decided to show up^^
    I am Dennis from Germany and these are my bikes.

    • 2013 Mash Histogram
    • Concorde Pista
    • Eimei NJS
    • Samson NJS
    • Kevin Winter Track

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  • Awesome collection.

  • Checking in from Houston Texas. I value this forum. A few of mine and me

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    • 1993-specialized-stumpjumper-m2-22975_8.jpg
    • colnago-conic-slx-1991-7658_14.jpg
    • eddy-merckx-10th-anniversary-25444_9.jpg
    • formula-ti-pursuit-track-39084_4.jpg
    • rivendell-atlantis-toyo-38265_1.jpg
    • IMG_1511.JPG
  • All brilliant bikes

  • You seem shorter than the size of your bikes might indicate.

  • The Merckx and Colnago especially are great but all nice builds. Good taste!

  • Awesome collection. Love that tourer

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Names and faces to bikes

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