• Its nothing to do with the item, it's about the time and labour of the job.

  • Lol maybe I’ve just had enough of knobby ebayers recently

  • You've paid for an inferior service and it's you're bloody right to receive it

  • Actually yes. Drop it back round to the seller. Make him post it. Receive it dented to fuck three weeks later after having to visit the depot following two failed delivery attempts.

    THAT would be good value for your £3.50.

  • Call his bluff and ask for the tracking ref :)

  • It has been posted. He posted it.

    Not sure what the complaint is - you got a better service than the one you paid for

  • Let them keep their £3.50, you paid for it to arrive at your door for the money and it arrove at your door for the money.

  • The outcome is the same. You've received the item you paid for, delivered to your door. Doesn't matter if it was by the seller themself or the postie, really. I'd leave it.

  • Never dabbled in this thread before, but interested to get a second, third... opinion on something from neutral bystanders!

    Sold a carbon seatpost on ebay. Described as good condition used. Reserve was low as it was in a batch of stuff I was clearing out without trying to push for a high sale price, just wanted it gone.

    Sent it the day after sale, it was attempted delivered two days later. Issue with Royal Mail and the buyer taking the delivery meant it didn't actually get delivered for another 8 days, but that was out of my hands. Now arrived, buyer is complaining that it is more marked, scuffed, visibly worn / used than described and it "didn't arrive on time", and wants a refund. I have got plenty else going on domestically and personally that I don't really have energy to engage, but am minded to reply along the lines of:

    "Item is as described and as per photos on listing. It looks like a used carbon seatpost looks, i.e. visibly marked and surface scuffs etc. and for the price paid it is as described. It was sent ahead of schedule and other than your issue with accepting it would have been delivered well on time. Sorry, no refund."

    On the one hand I could refund, relist, and more clearly zoom in on the surface marking etc. to emphasise it. On the other hand, the guy's got a used carbon seatpost for a good price which is functionally perfect, and I can't really be bothered...! Thoughts and view gratefully received!

  • Doesn't sound like you're the arsehole but if they paid with paypal you are shit out of luck in any case.

  • Yeah given:
    " I have got plenty else going on domestically and personally that I don't really have energy to engage"

    take the hit and keep it easy for yourself and take the return? I've never had this happen while selling on eBay (touch wood) but it's the path I'd take if someone got the hump over a purchase. Same with twats sending an offer that you accept then don't get paid. Temptation is to force them to buy/spam them, but in reality easier to let it lapse and relist for the benefit of your zen.

  • Basically explain you listed accurately and in good faith and you dispatched within 48 hours but you're sorry they aren't 100% satisfied. Offer a 15% partial refund to just get the matter closed else just go through the returns process.... The buyer holds all the power unfortunately so just go through the process

  • Three excellent and helpful replies, thank you! Will take those on board.

  • I'd say buyers fault, hasn't clicked on the pictures probably, just looked at the thumbnails and hit bid.
    Post is your responsibility but if you did it quickly and there was an attempt with nobody home, that's then their fault imo.

    If you refund, you'll be out for the postage.
    You'll also only get most of the eBay fees back but non of it to your account, it goes as credit on your eBay account for spending on eBay iirc

  • Same with twats sending an offer that you accept then don't get paid

    Are people really that simple that this is a thing? I narrowly avoided just this recently (names and places changed)

    Selling some rare records on ebay. A couple were £150 or best offer.
    A guy emailed me, lets say his user name is blob246 and asked if I would do a deal for the two.
    I went back offering £200 and he said yes that's great; are they originals?
    This instantly seemed odd as IMO anyone spending this sort of money on records would know enough about them to see from the pictures that they obviously are (sleeve designs, colour variants etc.)
    Anyway I explained that they were original releases. He came back and said great, can I pay you on Friday? and signed his email Billy.
    As I was now suspicious I checked his ebay account and I could see he was from York.
    I googled his ebay user name and found the same user name existed on Discogs. There however, he had an appalling feedback record; most comments were 'bought my records, never paid'.
    So, I emailed one of the sellers asking for help and said can you confirm this time waster was called Billy and from York?
    They sent me his full name and address which sure enough matched (They told me his name was Billy Corgan)
    So I blocked him.
    Two days later I get a very similar offer on ebay from a user with hardly any feedback called JimCorg79. So I check his postcode and it's less than a mile from the previous user!! My guess would be a relative possibly named Jimmy Corgan.
    So I blocked him too.

    I realise that these people couldn't just hit BIN as I set my sales to require immediate payment. Presumably all that's achieved by this is just giving people headaches / hassle. I can't see what else they have to gain? Maybe my address so they can come and burgle me and get the records for free?......

  • That's a total headache.

    Had it once selling a pair of Nike Air Jordans. Heaps of photos, big description. Guys places offer, I accept then the questions start, I reply but then the trail goes dead.

    I think unfortunately some people are that simple/peculiar, same dobbers that go to A&E with spurious symptoms for something to do perhaps.

  • When I first sold something on eday it was via an best offer, due to my unfamiliarity with the process and some ebay oddness I very nearly posted the item without having been paid.

    They could just be hoping you fuck up

  • Cheers, all useful

  • Hadn't considered that. I currently have an item waiting for payment (I may be back here whinging in a day or two) but it doesn't disclose buyer's address so that loophole is hopefully closed.

  • I did this on one of my very first eBay sales, although I think they also somehow scammed me with a fake PayPal email saying I'd received payment from what I remember. It was some fiendishly tight Ann Demeulemeester jeans that I sent them for free so I hope those brought them nothing but discomfort!

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