• As expected, cunt seller clearly buried their head in the sand and PayPal have given me my partial refund.

    Wish I’d asked for more now!

  • Not a guy called Mark is it? 🧐

  • EBay seller I’d is vicchan_18. He didn’t sign off his messages to me so that’s no help.

  • I need some advice regarding my rear mech and cassette set up. I have grx shifters, with grx front and rear shimano GRX RD-RX810 derailleur. I currently have an 11-34 cassette on the bike. Can anyone tell me is it possible to run an 11-28t cassette on that derailleur?

  • .

  • Yeah, but you shouldn't because spin to win.

  • Don't know if you're bothered at all but your full name is at the top there!

  • Meh, have removed the image anyway.

    As an update I’ve received the following feedback from him, to be honest it just makes it even funnier. Can imagine him sitting there, blood pressure through the roof, red faced and veins bulging on his forehead as he saw the email from PayPal saying they were taking £15 off him!

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  • Ha, what a loser. The feeling of winding a nobhead up is worth far more than the £15 refund.

  • I know right!

    He hasn’t even replied to the negative feedback I left for him.

    Impotent rage.

  • Can you block sellers?
    I buy Canada Post postal paraphernalia.
    A couple of sellers flood the Canada Post listings with postcards. They list them for a few days then automatically relist. They always have hundreds of postcards at the top of “newest” list.
    They have made the daily searches unusable.

  • Can you block sellers?

    Sadly not afaik.

    Can you omit their results by using some sort of keyword? Like, instead of searching "Canada Post paraphanelia" you'd search "Canada Post paraphanelia -postcard"??

    I sometimes do that if I'm looking for trials stuff and don't want tt stuff in the results, I'll search "trials -time" or I'll do "Surly -ron" as searching just "Surly" seems to bring up lots of Sur Ron e-bike stuff.

  • I've been sent an offer for an item but I notice that the account has zero feedback and was set up just a few days ago.
    This obviously seems fishy but of course appreciate that it could just be a new genuine user.
    I hadn't noticed the offer until today, it expires in 6 hours.

    I've sent a message to the user explaining my concern and waiting to hear back, obviously a lot depends on what reply they give, if any.

    I'm just wondering though what possible scam could happen if I had quickly accepted the offer before realising the fishy account.
    If I'd accepted the offer and they don't pay then, fine, waste of everyones time, but whats the point?
    Do they pay then try claim the item hasn't been received or something? How would they even manage this?

  • I just wouldn't accept the offer myself from a zero feedback user, not worth the faff of thinking something is sold and you get ghosted, let alone messed about over PayPal or ebay.

  • Was the offer suspiciously high? There is a scam doing the rounds at the moment that starts just like this. Always 0 or near 0 feedback account. Buyer makes a strange offer (I had one for the full amount). They then don't pay and attempt to have you contact them/send details outside of eBay. They don't do this through the eBay messaging, but through an invoice request (to which you can attach a message). It's quite obviously a scam as soon as they haven't paid within a day or two, but like you suggest, a big waste of time. I would wait to hear something from them before accepting.

  • Yeah as expected I didn’t get any reply from them.
    I guess they were probably going to ask deal outside of eBay and then scam etc

  • I bought a half decent carbon Focus bike off ebay described as excellent condition:
    Arrived via APC/Paisley Freight below.
    Asked him why he's stacked the box like that..
    "It's easier to carry!"
    Very rare to see me publicly angry, but this was one of those times..
    ..couriers response; "You should see how they come into the depot!"

    Parcelforce for me from now on...


    Opened the box - packed well, but both wheels not straight, frame end in contact with stacked end, massive scuff/scratches on DA shifter - generally not excellent condition.

    Sent the frame and wheels off to bikeshop for an inspection/true and msg'd seller.
    Good response from him, only fairly asked for a video of untrue wheels. Agreed shifter condition was not good.

    Thankfully frame was inspected and fine - both wheels only £40 to true and I asked for a £20 partial refund for the shifter. Sent me £100 as a gesture.

    Fair play to him. Genuine seller. Always makes sense to describe ebay items very well though, to save hassle in the long run. No excuse for Paisley Freight's poor service.

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