• Can you go through PayPal?

  • Bought for 310 quid what was described as a 2022 se iphone but its a 2020 model
    Seller took over a week to send fobbing me off with being new which they arent.
    So i have put in a return request.
    The listing was clearly wrong where do i stand ?

  • Ebay will refund you no problem. Put the serial number in to Apple's coverage check and it'll tell you the year or manufacture. Screen grab this in your dispute case.
    Decide if you want to return the phone or a dog turd in the box

  • Turd would be good or a dead fish but rather have the money back asap . Just resetting it now.

  • 2 of the last 3 items I've listed on eBay have resulted in a buyer pulling out after the auction had ended.

    In 1 case, though, I'm especially irked.


    The buyer, 30 minutes after the auction ends: 'hi. I now realise my wheels that I want to put on it have the wrong freehub [for the groupset on the bike he's just bought from me] and I can't afford a new freehub for them as well, so sorry but I will have to pull out unless [wait for it...] you could help by dropping the price £100?'.

    No, you cheeky sod, I won't!

    And then, to top it all off, after I cancelled the sale, he messaged me the next day to offer me £200 less than the price the auction ended at!!

    I get really, really hacked off with stuff like this. Too many people are just grifters. /rant

  • Nah its my fault really, I cancelled the request.

    The thing turned up in the end, seller says its a mistake from RM and they can sort me a refund. I doubt they can, this has happened so many times from this seller (feedback over 6 months)

    I dunno man, this stamp exists, its from 2020. Doesnt glow under UV but I dunno if it should. Should be valid till Jan 23

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  • I have sent an item to a buyer who claims not to have received it.

    In over 200 items nothing has been lost.... I always send recorded but the tracking says it's not been delivered. I've seen this with other items but never had an issue.

    I think I'm being had...the cynic in me says this buyer has seen by an opportunity to cash in.

    If I can provide the tracking number but it's 'showing' as not delivered will I be forced to refund?

  • Yes. If tracking shows not delivered, you'll have to claim for the item and refund. Why do you have a reason to doubt them if the tracking says they don't have the package?

  • Not ebay, but anyone ever had a random request for money to their payal account? No idea how they got my email but some randomer just requested 500 euro off me. Cancelled the request and notified paypal, but a bit odd.

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