• Some git's bought my bike through a Best Offer, now wants to pull out unless I accept 70 quid less. It's a hard 'no' from me, right? He has to buy it or request that I cancel (which I'm obviously at liberty to refuse), yes?

    I'd just cancel anyway, but it's listed under the £1 max final fee and, if I relist it, that will no longer be the case.

  • relist and tell him he's blocked. You can find this option in your seller settings.

  • Yeah, I could do that, but like I say, I listed it under the £1 max seller fees, which won't be the case if I relist.

  • Tell them to do one, sell on another platform that’s less ghastly

  • Tried that already. The 'Bay was last resort. I guess I could split it and offer it again on here.

  • Just cancel and say it was buyers request. Buyers can make life much more difficult if you force them into a sale. For example, they could just damage the item and then you have to refund them and get the ‘damaged’ item back at your expense.
    Never worth it. I always strive to keep buyers happy as it means the minimum possibility of hassle down the road…
    Occasionally I’ll even let something go a bit cheaper because if a buyer feels like they’ve got a bit of a bargain they’re less likely to have buyers remorse and make up an excuse to return something.

  • Yeah, I guess. Feel like there should be a way of leaving negative feedback due to buyer being an arsehole, though.

  • Leave 'positive' feedback but explain what a dick he is in the comments. Seems to be the usual approach.

  • You can't force a buyer into a sale, as ebay will accept any reason for pulling out. depending on sale price, I would consider the 70£ haggle if it saves you fees. If collection is possible you might want to bypass ebay altogether

  • I'd have considered it if he hadn't been piss-balling me about already, but he has. I'd also have to post it, which is a hassle in itself, so he can sod off.

  • Does anyone actually look at feedback these days?

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