• That long wait for the 'ships by' date makes me think it's dropshipping from China or something similar? Definitely wouldn't be confident you'd get the actual product that's advertised.

  • Is it a new thing on ebay that you can buy stuff, receive a dispatched notification, and a tracking number, but that there is no item and nothing has been sent at all?

    I've bought a load of small electronics components from various retailers over the past couple of weeks, where I have specified UK only (and paid a small premium over imports from China), where it appears that the business actually is China-based, and that they are able to string you along until things are shipped overseas.

    Seller: never responds to messages


  • Is there a time limit on Click and Collect stuff? Or have I just been fucked over by a shop?
    Ordered something to be delivered to an ebay click and collect place and it's gone back to the sender with no notice to the recipient to come and get it, no notice it was being returned, etc.

    Is there some way to report shit Click and Collect places to ebay?

  • https://pages.ebay.co.uk/clickandcollect­/

    Your parcel will be held in-store for up to 7 days from when we notify
    you. If you can’t collect your parcel within this time, it will be
    returned to the seller and you’ll receive a refund.

  • Seller buys something, pays via PayPal then collects and then a week later opens a case saying the item doesn't work.

    Has till the 12th to send it back and just sends it back yesterday.

    Anyway I can get out of refunding him even tho hes I know hes just used the item and didnt want to use it again.


  • Another issue, bought a motorbike that I cant collect till the 27th as Im down next to the place then.

    Seller messages saying can you BT me £500 heres my details.

    I was like nah I aint doing that but will PayPal you it if ok or can just wait and ill pay full cash on collection. I think im doing the right thing also have a 10 years and the rest on ebay so not gonna not take it as I want it.

  • I wasn't notified.
    It seems that this store has form for just rejecting parcels, looking at their google reviews.

  • Bought a couple of cheap new stems from a UK seller who accepted returns. Went to return today and the return address is in China! I've messaged the seller, no reply yet.

  • Contact ebay, I think there's been posts about that in here before and iirc they just refund you without needing to return.

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