• Ta, that's good to know, will have another look. Cheers!

  • What's a reasonable chasing process?

    I won a bag that's meant to be a present. It finished late on 25th. Listing as delivery by 29th. Paid for within a couple of hours.

    Messaged on 27th having not heard from them and no posted update on the app.

    It's still not showing as posted on the app. So I messaged again first thing this morning (28th).

    They're a private seller, so I'm not expecting business level comms. But still. Might be worth saying that it's a £1k nos bag at rrp that I won for £500, and from my negotiations with other sellers most seem to be expecting a 10-20% discount on rrp despite them all selling at auction for between £400-700 depending on colour.

  • While it's normal to be anxious about a £500 purchase, the seller has no obligation to update you about delivery (at least I don't think so?). I'd say it's reasonable to ask once or twice if it's been posted, but I would only start chasing seriously from 2-3 days after the 29th.

  • Cheers.

    It's a bit frustrating as I need it by early next week. I thought allowing a week would be enough leeway. So I'm now in the awkward situation of weighing up whether to buy another and cancel this. Flapping a bit too.

  • Decided to panic some more, then some more, until I panic bought an alternative in a different colour.

    1st seller just messaged to say they were ill and would send asap.

    Haven't yet paid the 2nd seller yet as I had a collection question... currently in the moral dilemma of whether to be a grade-A cunt and pull out, or offer the gift recipient the choice of colours, then try and sell at breakeven.

  • Cancel the first one - it’s beyond the delivery time and they haven’t even posted it. This kind of seller will just dick you around. Raise a dispute imo and get it refunded quick. Then collect the second.

  • Seconded, if you think the second seller will be quicker and equal quality.

  • I collected a frame I 'won' on ebay at the weekend.

    The seller (very nice chap) has asked me to mark that I have collected it, but I can't work out how to do that.

    Help, please.

  • I had the same after I won a bike, paid via Paypal (it was last year) and collected in person. On collection, the buyer asked me to mark the item as received, and I was able to do so.

    Log in and go to My eBay, then Purchase History, click on the item, then 'more actions'. You should then get a drop down menu where you can 'mark as received'.

  • Turns out now when you get confirmation of purchase they send you a QR code that the seller should scan when you collect.

    All a bit too complex for someone like me.

  • The collecting buyers QR code also has a 6 digit number underneath it you can key in somewhere. It was introduced to stop the scam: buyer pays by paypal-collect-buyer saying wasnt them that collected-paypal (not ebay) siding with buyer.

    I have never worked out where you type the number in tho' and dont have the app on my phone to scan the QR code.

  • Sold a derailleur for £10. Received this within a minute of the sale

    What are you doing mate?

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  • Just sold a Red derailleur. Panicked when I got the 'your item sold' email because it had a US address in it. Turns out it's a US registered account but they want me to send it to an address in Whitechapel.

    OK fine. But. The eBay account appears to be registered to a dentist in California. The person I'm supposed to be sending it to in Whitechapel is clearly not the same person (totally different name).

    Seems fishy. Presuming I get paid, will I be protected if I send it to the address they've given me? It will be going signed for.

  • Maybe it's a gift for the person living in Whitechapel?

  • Was it expensive?

    If you'd got someone's account details you'd more likely buy some £300 thing that can be resold for cash I presume, not a used derailleur for £20

    Take a lot of pictures I suppose

  • £42, so nope. And that makes sense - you'd buy a new Red mech for £300 odd wouldn't you.

    They've both got Thai names, just clearly different Thai names, so quite possibly a gift I suppose @Oliver Schick - just not a scenario I've encountered before.

    I think you're covered seller protection wise if you post it to the address they specify, and I'll have proof when it's signed for, so...

  • Ebay have told me previously that as long as the request is made via eBay messaging they’ll cover it as they can see the chat.

    Might be worth checking that’s still the case.

  • I do this kinda stuff all the time with stuff in USA. As long as you post to the address in the order or as also mentioned, the address via messages. You should be all good. Signed for is best as always

  • Should have done this as the bag was not well received, brought up loads of grief and I'm now reselling it. Which brings me on to my next question...

  • What's the etiquette for chasing payment?

    Item won 8pm ish yesterday.

    I messaged seller a bit after to let them know I'm busy this weekend so would have to post today / tomorrow, otherwise it'll be next week. I was hoping that as well as a courtesy it might nudge them into paying.

    Should I send a payment request?

    Any tips for doing it? I guess wait until 7pm so they're more likely to be home.


    Edit: buyer paid. Maybe I should stick to buying and selling low value items.

    I'm now prang about posting in case the buyer tries something.

  • I hate ebay sometimes.

    Some people aka sellers of bikes and parts need to seriously do more to explain conditions of items in an honest manner. This to me means not just saying "great, amazing or brilliant condition". Returning stuff is long, but then when the item arrives sellers shouldn't be surprised when I message them saying that isn't as described because there is internal rust/cracks/other bullshit.


  • Anyone know how long I need to wait after posting something International Tracked and signed before Royal Mail will consider it lost and even think about paying out for a claim?

    Sent an item (sold on etsy) on 1st Nov and the last tracking entry is 4th nov when it left the UK.

  • I can't remember exactly, but I think Royal Mail may only pay out for items lost in the UK. Once the item is overseas you might struggle. Worth checking.

  • Hmmm great, makes you wonder what the hell was the point in paying for tracked signed shipping?!

    I’m hoping it still gets to the buyer who is being patient luckily.

  • International Signed, International Tracked and International Tracked
    and Signed

    Postage fee refund plus compensation on the basis of actual loss,
    where evidence of posting and value can be provided. This is subject
    to the maximum payable being to the lower of the market value and £50.
    Unless enhanced compensation has been purchased in which case
    compensation up to the lower of the market value or £250 may be paid.
    A postage fee refund only shall be payable where the item is of no
    intrinsic value. Enhanced compensation is not available for mobile
    telephones. There are restrictions to sending cash to some
    destinations. The maximum compensation available for loss or damage to
    cash, securities or instruments to the bearer is £100. No
    Consequential Loss is available. Certificate of posting required and
    claims must be submitted within 6 months of posting.

    I would suggest giving them a call as sometimes speaking to someone confirms what steps you can take etc.

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