• Ta, that's good to know, will have another look. Cheers!

  • What's a reasonable chasing process?

    I won a bag that's meant to be a present. It finished late on 25th. Listing as delivery by 29th. Paid for within a couple of hours.

    Messaged on 27th having not heard from them and no posted update on the app.

    It's still not showing as posted on the app. So I messaged again first thing this morning (28th).

    They're a private seller, so I'm not expecting business level comms. But still. Might be worth saying that it's a £1k nos bag at rrp that I won for £500, and from my negotiations with other sellers most seem to be expecting a 10-20% discount on rrp despite them all selling at auction for between £400-700 depending on colour.

  • While it's normal to be anxious about a £500 purchase, the seller has no obligation to update you about delivery (at least I don't think so?). I'd say it's reasonable to ask once or twice if it's been posted, but I would only start chasing seriously from 2-3 days after the 29th.

  • Cheers.

    It's a bit frustrating as I need it by early next week. I thought allowing a week would be enough leeway. So I'm now in the awkward situation of weighing up whether to buy another and cancel this. Flapping a bit too.

  • Decided to panic some more, then some more, until I panic bought an alternative in a different colour.

    1st seller just messaged to say they were ill and would send asap.

    Haven't yet paid the 2nd seller yet as I had a collection question... currently in the moral dilemma of whether to be a grade-A cunt and pull out, or offer the gift recipient the choice of colours, then try and sell at breakeven.

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