• If you paid with a card you could always dispute the payment with your bank due to breach of contract.

  • Can’t you make a claim directly with Hermes? Is the value big enough to justify small clams court?
    Alternatively, I know it’s a headache but if the value is low ebay might actually be able to help. Ebay refunded me about £40 once for a lost item just as a good will gesture; it didn’t take much effort as they can check the tracking and see that I did everything using ‘their’ system…

  • No chance of contacting Hermes.
    Deffo not enough for small claims; think I'll go down the eBay route: good call!

  • A bit of progress on my 'international' sale to a guy in Dublin.
    To my surprise he actually went ahead and bought the item I was selling. The situation is actually even slightly worse than I'd thought as I also pay VAT on my fees!
    So in the end, he paid about £52 inc. shipping. I will net about £23. And everything in between has gone to shipping (£12) ebay or the government. Absolute waste of time.
    This was my first non UK sale in about 10 years and will definitely be my last for quite some time I imagine!

  • Is the value big enough to justify small clams court?

    Yes, how much did you shell out?

  • If it's not worth it just sack off the whole situation, say ciao, duh.

  • Less fees on this new Ebay payment thing?

    Like fuck!

    Ended up signing up for it as I’d listed that lens. It sold the other day for £185, eBay has sent me £161.

    That seems hella steep no?

    Almost 13%.

    Kinda tempted to just refund and fuck it off.

  • Yup; less fees for maybe a minuscule proportion of sellers! More for the vast majority.
    Unless you’re lucky enough to list an item on a zero fees promotion, the latest standard is 12.8% plus 30p.
    The problem is, if you inflate the selling price to try and claw something back you’ll still get shit offers. That’s my experience anyway even though most of my listings are set up for no offers.

  • Ive refunded. Just not worth it. Will likely get shit feedback but am I bovvered?

  • Buyer is gunna report me to eBay. Oh no!

  • The perfect opportunity to feed back that the reason you cancelled is entirely due to their extortionate fees

  • I expect ebay won't give 2 hoots.

    I could reply to the -ve feedback I've been left but it's probably not even worth my while.

  • Definitely setup a bullshit account and fuck with his listings.

  • What happened to ebay's ability to show bidder activity with seller? ie. it used to show how many other bids someone had put on a seller's shit - show you could detect shill bidders

  • How do you start a dispute on ebay these days? I can see the option to return, but a seller listed 2x access points as one model when they're a different one, significant spec difference. I don't really want to 'return' as that presumably involves me paying for the return postage.

  • You'll probably be able to claim the postage back from paypal, presuming that's how you paid?

  • Looking in to it they stipulate 3 working days from messaging the seller so maybe I'll get more options once that's passed. Forgot I'd paid with PayPal so will go down that route if eBay are being useless.

  • Item bought from US, sent via USPS. Handled by Royal Mail in the UK. Tracking marks it as delivered but there’s no sign of it anywhere. Contacted the seller who’s made enquiries with their postal service, who say receiver needs to contact Royal Mail. I’ve contacted (or tried to, just been bounced around their website support pages) and they say it is the responsibility of the sender / USPS and to contact them. Is there anything else I can do?

  • I take it you’ve been to your local delivery office to see if it’s waiting there with a fee to be paid or something?

    Beyond that, can’t really see what else you can do but eBay should bet on your side as you’ve not received the item. Just remember it’s not your fault RM have fucked up even though it might feel like it since it’s at this end of the journey.

  • Also try asking your postperson, I had a similar thing a few weeks ago and the temporary mailman somehow sorted it.

  • Just remember it’s not your fault RM have fucked up even though it might feel like it since it’s at this end of the journey.

    @MCamb At the end of the day, it's not delivered so it's on the sender to sort. I've had parcels vanish between the UK and Luxembourg since Brexit screwed the postal exchange up and in every case, the sender has refunded me (and claimed on the insurance) even though the carriers have disagreed on whose problem it is. Ultimately, it's not your problem.

  • Thanks guys, after all that it turned up today 🤷♂️.. Tracking says it’s been delivered for over a week.

  • Can anyone recommend a particular courier for bringing a Buyer Collects bike from Glasgow to London? Seller is happy to do packing but not get box etc together / post. Paisley couriers is one option though seen very mixed reviews. So, any others or good experiences with them? Thanks.

  • What's with people listing shit as "New, other" then reading description you see comments like "Only used for a few rides on the trails"

    Well that's a long fucking way from "new" isn't it?

  • I used bike delivery.co.uk to pick up the Thorn a while ago. Pretty sure they're the same company as Paisley. Was about £25 if I recall, Ans had zero issues.

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