• getting a bit rapey tbh.

    It's probably not that bad really?

  • I hope you gave him negative feedback!

  • Yep had the silly haggling cash on collection a couple times. I just start browsing my phone and say take your time, and when the haggling attempt starts, say oh sorry not what expected and pick up the item and start going indoors. Usually works.

    Never had intentional short cash though. Once sold a camper for £7k and the guy paid with his coach driver tips. 1400 fivers in a tin. Took ages to count but was spot on.

  • Managed Payments: Received my first and only reminder to switch over to payment directly into my bank account today and completed the admin. Sold an item this afternoon that was listed under a final value promotion and ebay have only charged me £1 so less fees overall.

    Final value promotion: Not had an offer on any of my ebay accounts since 2nd April and early March on the other accounts, so as those promo listings sell through will not be creating any more listings until offered another promotion. Meh. Hopefully no activity on previously high activity accounts will nudge the promo algorithm in my favour.

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373556609100

    Fake enve, seller in no shape or form understand that those are not genuine.... hopefully no-one get scammed

  • The Cannondale they’re also selling… 🙈

    Saw these yesterday also and thought they looked suspect. No hub details etc.

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265141009746 I’ve just ordered this! For collection. Slightly worried about what the guy has done about the gears but this would be my first entry into a geared bike. thoughts?

  • Fingers crossed his bike building skills are better than his grammar / capitalisation skills!
    Looks like they've matched a 10 speed mech with a 9 speed cassette but apparently the shifters work the same as Ultegra because a guy on youtube says so so that's ok!
    There are some VERY cringey comments in the description.
    Personally I wouldn't touch it. If I got it cheap I would strip it and rebuild it from scratch. In your position I think you may do well to at least get a trusted mechanic to give it a once over before trusting your life to it....
    Honestly I hope it works out to be OK for you.

  • Thanks for giving me a bit more info. I actually spoke to a friend who's a bit of a mechanic and decided to cancel the order yesterday. This isn't ideal on eBay but it just looked a bit dodgy and I kind of rushed into it thinking it was a bargain...silly really.

    I am still on the hunt for a similar bike (without holes drilled into the side of it) if anyone has any!

  • Good shout! I didn't want to piss on your cornflakes too much but honestly I think you made the right decision. Nothing jumps out at me from the pictures (except a big cut in one of the tyres) but pictures rarely tell you anything of build quality. I might have paid £350ish and taken my chances based on selling the parts if it was a total disaster. Good luck.

  • That design of Sora lever is exactly the same as the 6800 generation Ultegra, and a 10 speed road mech will work fine with 9 speed shifters/cassette (same pull ratio).

    So it’s not terrible, just a bit of a mish mash. The downside for me is you’d still have to spend quite a lot of money to make it 11 speed.

  • Interesting; my road bike knowledge dwindles significantly past the era of 7 speed. So not wishing to derail the thread too much but that suggests that the correct 10 speed cassette is literally just an extra cog; with the same spacing yes?

  • No, the sprockets on 10 speed are closer together but the clicks on the shifter are also closer together by proportionally the same amount. Thus it pulls less cable and moves the mech less distance per click.

  • Gotcha; thanks.

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