• Is there any repercussions to buying 3/4 things on eBay with no intention of ever paying? Ebays unpaid item note they supposedly put on your account seems to do nothing to dissuade people.

    I had a few things listed a while ago on a £1 promotion. Someone bought one of the items and then messaged saying they don’t want it. Now if I resist it, I’ll have to wait for another promotional weekend, or suck it up relist it and just pay the fees.

    What lasting effect does this unpaid item note have on the buyer? None, unless it’s a frequent occurrence.

    What’s the best way of handling this? As I know the unpaid item case will just resolve itself, I’ll get a refund for the fees I would have owed, and I won’t be able to leave any feedback and it’ll be as though it never happened.

  • However, if you offer or reference your contact information to another user or ask a buyer for their contact information, in the context of buying or selling outside of eBay, we charge a final value fee for introducing you to the buyer. In this case, the final value fee is based on the higher of the fixed price, auction start price, Buy it now price, reserve price or the price identified between the buyer and seller.

    So there’s not much stopping you listing anything with a start price of 99p, directing customers to email you directly to sort out price, etc - all for the sum of 13p?

  • Thanks for that. Just sold a bike, so fee will be 12.8% of sale and the 4% for the reserve? Which I will have to pay anyway, even if the buyer declines to reclaim his payment from PayPal (21 day hold) and pay cash, as I’ve asked?

    And yeah rant out of principle.

  • Got my “FINAL REMINDER!!!1!” to update my deets for the new direct to back payments today.

    If I don’t do it I won’t be able to create or edit listings! Oh no, that would be * such* a shame!

  • Hah, same. Fuck you, eBay.

  • I have bought something on ebay which is collection only. Collected it 2 weeks later but the button to get collection code doesn't do anything, so the seller can't mark it as collected. I also can't mark it as collected. Any ideas? Cheers

  • Does it really matter?! Seller knows it was collected and you have the item.

    Feedback from seller and you can surely end any mild anxiety.

  • I bought a pair of 650c inner tubes back in Feb. Went to fit one today and it is 622 rather than 571. Checked the other one and it's the same. What sort of a mean trick is that to play on someone?

  • I think the number of companies making dedicated tubes for any of the 650 sizes other than 584 (27.5” mtb size) must be pretty minimal.

    I used to have a couple 650c bikes and any time I bought tubes they were marked as another size with the 650c but in much smaller text underneath it on the back of the box etc.

  • The outside of the box is correct, but the contents isn't

    I'm complaining over £4 plus postage, so it's a bit of a redundant argument, but a bit annoying.

    I didn't think to check them by opening them when they arrived. Maybe next time!

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  • I hadn't noticed this until recently. At some stage during my auctions eBay had decided to allow buyers to make me offers. No eBay fuck off!

  • @c4shr all good cheers :). It is new to me. Did sell a bike the other day and did the barcode thing with the buyer

  • eBay £1 max listings... often accept them when they come up, sell something, then get charged 10%. Has happened at least 3 times to do in the last couple of years. Sell much less on ebay than I used to. FB marketplace being free/ buyers typically collecting is much better

  • If the item doesn't sell the £1 offer doesn't roll over to the re-listing. It's bit me a couple of times.

  • @grams that was it for me - £60 down the pisser. Only like 2 weeks later.

  • I got bitten on a £1800 listing. Pleaded ignorance and eventually got a refund.

    I now end all auctions within 30 days. And Only list £1 now.

    F eBay.

  • made an offer on something on ebay, and was declined immediately (i.e. simultaneously) as I pressed submit (twice).

    Does that mean the seller has set some sort of limit that auto declines the offer? And if so, do they still see that an offer was submitted?

  • Does that mean the seller has set some sort of limit that auto declines the offer? And if so, do they still see that an offer was submitted?

    Yes, No.

    You can set the minimum you would consider so you don't get bothered by all the low balls. (not saying you're lowballing, I've seen people set it £5 less than asking price on stuff over a hundred quid.)

  • As a seller, if you go to the desktop site you can ‘review offers’ for the item. It’ll show you what offers were received / declined. I think it withholds the full user name though. There are no notifications that an offer’s been auto declined.
    If you message the seller they can choose to ‘reply with an offer’ so you could get some indication as to what they’re looking for...

  • Cool thanks all.

    I'm sort of lowballing. It's a stem, price they have is quite high compared to previous two sold prices, and this one has a chip in it. But they don't come up often and cost a lot more back in the day.

    They originally had it up for £125 but it never sold, dropped it to £100, and I've offered 70 after 55 initially.

    A longer one went for 55 a short while back. Will message seller see what they say but prob leave it there.

  • £1 selling fees and eBay processing payments = clear as mud what you’ll actually receive. Is it just 30p processing?? So £1.30 all in?

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