• Depends what the description says.

    They've shot themselves in the foot by choosing brake set and 2 items in the specs but do they say it's for one in the description?

  • Description is as per screen grab. Kind of numerically ambiguous I guess :-D

    I’ve messaged them for some clarification. To be honest, I’d be happy with just 2 rather than 3 for the same money - there is definite ambiguity over if it’s for 2 or 3 I would say. But i can’t see any interpretation of the listing where it’s for just one, right?

  • I've had something of a philosophical discussion with a seller about what a pair of brakes is.

    The answer wasn't 3 in this case.

  • Ah right yeah sorry.

    Yes, at least 2 but in my opinion, if you're going to show more than one thing in the photos, you should say in the description that they're not included.
    Anyway, yes. Not as described, ask for a refund (or another brake)

  • The photo shows 3 calipers and the item description says calipers (plural) so unless the description specifically stated ‘auction for one caliper only’ I would have expected 3. I’ve just looked at the listing and noticed it also says number of items: 2.
    So as you suggest I would have expected at least 2 and been hopeful for 3.
    Unfortunately it’s an unclear ad and maybe the seller isn’t experienced in selling multiples of an item.
    Either way IMO you’re definitely entitled to a return or partial refund at least....

  • Yeah it is ambiguous. Stating two items in the spec suggests its two calipers being sold as opposed to one pair, but then the photo of three calipers or 1.5 pairs makes it worse and the category "Brake set" would suggest to me they are selling 2 pairs! Personally I would have asked.

    On my own listings I always say either "Price is for single item. Two for sale. If wont both then please enter 2 in quantity" or "Price is for the pair (x 2 items)" to clarify otherwise always confusing.

    Vagueness of description gives you good reason to return for free as "item not as described"

  • Well we’ll see what they come back with.
    It’s definitely a slightly unclear ad, but yeah it’s not just one calliper, by any interpretation

  • I'd expect a listing like that to have had a quantity popup.

    The "item details" thingy is auto-populated and often not quite right.

  • Yeah, I should have spotted the ‘2 items’ line really. I guess there was just nothing to suggest it was a split listing.

  • Agreed . Its just a really vague listing that could interpret either way...

  • just about to put in a bid on something on ebay - a bottom bracket located in exeter.

    When it goes to review bid screen, it says £4.20 postage plus 20% VAT will apply?

    Why would there be additional VAT on this?

  • Ok so he got back to me with:

    Hi, sorry that it could be taken that way. The 3 calipers were shown in the picture, and you had to choose how many to buy from the drop down box, the buyer before you chose to buy 2 of them leaving one for you. The brakeset description is what ebay put in

    Not sure what he means about the drop down box as there wasn’t one.

    Urgh. What’s the nice way of saying ‘you screwed up but I still want the calliper so how about you just give me a small discount on the other calliper you have up for sale now’? :-)

  • Would the dropdown box have gone since two of the three callipers had gone to a different buyer before you so you weren't given the option to select more than one?

  • Unfortunately it’s an unclear ad and maybe the seller is experienced in ripping people off.

    Just saying.

  • There’s something about the fact they have 1000+ feedback but still can’t seem to put a clear, unambiguous ad together that makes me feel like just starting a return.

  • (Edited) Actually just had a look at the ad. On my desktop version of Ebay the picture is of 3 calipers and the quantity is shown as 3 items, that would make me think its priced per item. No idea how it looks on a mobile as I dont use the App as its too restricted for me. I do all my ebay stuff on a desktop.

    Set Includes: Brake Set is a bit confusing, but the 3 item quantity and 3 calipers in the picture is what I would have gone on. £19 per caliper seems reasonable as well, I would expect to pay more than £19 for 2 calipers.

    Edit again: Just had another look at the screen prints on previous page and that is more confusing. I hate the ebay App

  • Yeah, you know what - I’ve been wondering what to do with this one as my nose was out of joint a little. But essentially I thought I was getting a mega bargain and instead I’ve just got a reasonably priced item. I’m not out of pocket and I have what looks to be a functioning calliper so I’m going to decide to not be a prick about it. Amicable end-to-discussion message + positive feedback inbound.

  • I will DM you a screen shot of the desktop version. It is interesting how different the two look and confirms to me how shit the app is

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