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  • This is some serious fucking bullshit right here!! I’ve just been reading up in the new terms and conditions which yet again are making ebay an even shittier place to sell stuff. They say fees have reduced for some people but certainly not for the average private seller.
    You used to pay 10% to ebay and 2.9% to paypal. So if you sold an item for £30 you would get £26.13. Obvs you have to the pay postage.
    Now you pay ebay a fee of 12.8% plus a flat fee of 30p per transaction which would leave you with £25.86.
    They’ve also said that 30p transaction fee is payable even if an item is cancelled!
    And the final nail in the coffin is that if you are seen to be divulging your contact info to an interested buyer, they will charge you their fee! So you have a 1k bike for sale, ebay thinks you’re trying to be sneaky and takes £128 from your bank account. Fucking ludicrous.
    Consider also that now all the payments are going directly through your bank account; there’s going to be a huge delay with everything from getting paid to getting refunded.
    And just one last scenario. Say some cunt buys something from you with no intention of going through with it. You buy the postage via ebay/royal mail and then the buyer cancels.
    You’re now down 30p straight away AND you have to wait two weeks to get your postage refunded....

  • I sold an item yesterday but the buyer has yet to pay - how long do I have to wait before cancelling the sale and re-listing it?

  • Strictly speaking you should give them 3 days. You don’t really want to cancel without going through the ‘payment not received’ ebay process as it’ll work against you. I find the vast majority pay within a day or two.

  • Cheers, I'll wait until Saturday then.

  • I have a zero per cent success rate of being paid for an item at any time after the end of an auction beyond 'immediately'.

  • ^What Howard Says

    I now set everything to 'buyer has to pay immediately with BIN'

  • That might be the final nail in the coffin for me selling on eBay.

    I don’t know if it’s my lack of willingness to do all the ‘best offer’ stuff or what but I’m definitely not seeing the same kind of activity on anything I list as I was even a year or so ago.

    To be honest,a couple things I’ve sold recently have gone for so little that I’ve ended up just sending the money back. I’m sitting with 2 negative feedbacks because of it but I can’t even bring myself to care.

    I used to sit and write individual feedback comments for everything I bought too, now I just wait till I have a good number of items awaiting feedback and copy paste the same thing in them all. Seems to have lost its meaning a bit.

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