• Sora 9sp, TRP discs, trashed frame, wants £450.

    I hope he gets ripped off.

  • I bought a set of wheels built by this seller mnfman67 on eBay (despite there being one negative feedback about another set of wheels). They buckled after the first ride and I had them trued at his expense (he refunded me the £20 it cost). I haven't been riding too much but after a while, I noticed they had gone out again, not badly but enough.
    I had them trued but, within two rides they went out AGAIN. The shop trued them and didn't charge as it was so soon after the initial work, but suggested the problem was the build of the wheels. They have since gone out a 4th time and I am buying new wheels. I messaged this guy but have not heard anything back and I can't change the feedback (hastily given after the wheels arrived).

    Buyer beware.

    I'm open to comments about how foolish it was to give feedback early blah blah or advice haha!

  • I'm sure I read, maybe on here, that feedback has no impact on whether you'd like to open a case for return/refund, also i think there's ways to remove feedback...If you say which outcome(s) you'd like people on here will give good advice/feedback

  • Thanks Pasty.
    Ideally, I'd like to return the wheels and get a refund. I'll have another look see if I can find a way to open a case but in the meantime, if anyone has any pointers it'd be most appreciated.

  • Have you gone through the eBay resolution centre thing? It should automatically kick in if you don't get a response from the seller and they tend to side with the buyer. It sounds like you were missold functioning wheels as the seller clearly doesn't know how to tension spokes properly.

  • I assume it legitimate to cancel and order once it clear the order is coming from China, when it was listed as if it was in Dunstable.

    Don't have a problem buying from China, other than having to wait for weeks and having to deal with customs. If I did buy it from a seller that listed it as in China its about half the price of buying it from Dunstable

    I realised my mistake with a couple of seconds and cancelled.

  • I’ve had two cases where delivery from “Dunstable “ has taken too long, queried it , had the usual “Dear Friend” messages ,I’ve clearly stated that I deliberately chose a UK supplier despite Chinese ones being cheaper. I received the goods and a refund. Presumably they couldn’t stop delivery.

  • If a steel frame is advertised(in listing title and description) as being made of a particular type of tubing (no frame sticker) but turns out to be...not that, that's a 'not as described' case, right?

    I've messaged the guy first, rather than opening a return straight away, as a courtesy. Hopefully he's not a dick about it...

    But if he is?

  • Not as described.
    How can you tell it’s not what they said it was without a sticker?

  • If you think it isnt the tubing, and what you expected then thats enough to return, and ebay will support. Its a simple open the return with not as described task.

    Personally I would speak to the seller first and explain what and why and see what they say. They could be accomodating and avoid the return. I have sold low value things and cocked up the description and when contacted just refunded and said keep the item as an apology. I wouldnt do that for anything more than a few quid though.

    If they are a nob about it crack on with the return, but at least you have been reasonable to start with.

  • Tube diameters/thickness, weight compared side-by-side with a frame with virtually identical geometry and construction in a supposedly heavier tubeset (assuming the lugs /dropouts aren't made of dark matter).

    Since I've got it and had a closer look, there are a few examples online that are identically built to this one (lugs, stays , panto style / location) that are a few models down from what was described.

  • How do you know its not what its described as in the listing?

    For example if someone sold me a Columbus Max frame and turns out it clearly wasn't, I would expect the seller to accept the return and offer a full refund.

    Another example, if a seller repainted an original painted frame and attached incorrect reynolds decals then I would also expect the above too.

    Personally if the steel was of a decent quality and it wasn't intentionally mis-sold, not sure if in this case it was? I wouldn't mind, because how could anyone tell without being there when the frame was made what the exact tubing is? I would at least expect the seller to say something like

    "I believe it is but I cannot be 100% sure"

  • Cheers, yeah that's what I'm going with. It's enough money to be missed by the seller and ultimately not what I'm after so I expect it'll end up going down the return route in one way or another, hopefully amicably.

  • Just saw your replies above. I'd just open a case and send it back.

  • Fair enough. Sounds like how i would do it. Ebay will support you. I always try and be nice about these things, but not compromise on the outcome I want.

  • He seems to be pretty reasonable thankfully. Few grumbles but I know these things are a hassle as a seller.

    Thanks for the advice all.

  • I sold something on eBay and Royal Mail lost it. Royal Mail have refunded me for the value of the item. I now need to refund the buyer but I don't seem to have this option on my end and eBay says the buyer has to ask for it. Buyer says "it won't work" from his end and I should "just send it to his Paypal". I'm reluctant to do this in case he then initiates a refund through eBay and I have to refund him twice. How do I sort it out?

  • Doesn’t it say in the paypal transaction ‘issue refund’

    Log into paypal, not ebay

  • Hmm, but what happens if the buyer then asks for a refund through eBay afterwards? I'd have to argue with eBay that I'd already done a refund and I'd rather not.

    For future readers, after clicking through the "seller help" for 30 minutes I found this option: "The buyer asked to cancel the item(s) in this order" so I've done that.

  • Pretty sure ebay and its links to paypal knows the payment has been refunded

  • You would hope so but I'm not prepared to stake my money on their competence

  • Anyone had this on the Ebay?
    Return to sender requested by He_mes, neither me or seller requested this!
    I now have no item, and seller appears to be dragging his heels issuing refund.

  • Did the item reach you, or did Hermes decided to return it instead of delivering it?

    If the latter it’s a “seller’s courier screwed up” and you’re due a refund.

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