• I'd probably say give them an ultimatum then send a request to cancel the sale. The buyer needs to respond to that but if you do that then open a dispute through ebay if you can, I think you are saying non-collection is not grounds for opening a dispute, at that point I'd ring them. I've had some issues and ended up ringing them and they are usually pretty decent and apply common sense to the situation.

  • Had an item ordered in March (from China, long since refunded) arrive this week. Gotta be a record.

  • I'm going to sell a motorbike on ebay it should go for £1200-1500 what's the best way to ask for payment?
    10% deposit via Paypal then the rest in cash?
    Is it alright to ask for photo ID in case the cash is forged?

  • I’ve sold a few bikes through eBay, and bought a couple too and never gone through official channels for payment.

    Always just done cash in hand.

  • Just sold a knackered car via eBay (never again), listed it with the issue and stated that it would need to be collected on a trailer or similar as it has been deemed unsafe to drive by the garage.

    Surprise, surprise the buyer turns up expecting to drive it away even after inspecting the damage.

  • There's some speakers that I'm interested in that are collection only. The seller has said they won't ship them but I can arrange collection by courier. Are there any issues to be aware of with this in terms of buyer protection?

  • Is there a foolproof way to sell and ship a bike on eBay without potentially getting ripped off? (buyer posts back a box of bricks, etc.)

  • Spot the difference.... Seller image Vs received.


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  • Yeah, I reckon I might complain about that and go for a refund if it's going to be a problem. Clearly looks like it was deliberately left off the photo

  • Clearly had an impact head on causing bullseye then shifter twisted around the bar gouging a lovely ring round the bars. Death trap.
    They're speeding their way back via RM.

  • Bought a rear wheel from eBay which arrived with a snapped spoke.

    Annoying but not end of the world, would take it to LBS and ask him to refund the difference of the spoke replacement (10-ish £?)

    He didn’t take kindly to me asking for this, nor was he very well versed on the eBay rules.

    BUT, Thought the reply would be appreciated on here though, made me laugh. Quite creative.

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  • Hah. Presumably it wasn't listed as spares and repairs?

  • I’m bored so might start trolling him on his ‘original artwork’ paint spunk

  • How much for tears?

  • Please, please do.

  • Presumably more than P&P of a rear wheel.

  • Hehe.

    Seller is a fool. Please just send the wheel back to piss him off more and leave a bottle full of piss labelled as tears inside for him to enjoy

  • The irony of “stop trying to get something for nothing” from someone trying to get extra cash by not describing an obvious fault.

  • Bought a leak proof water bottle for mini-H. Unwrapped it. Filled it up, shock it. It leaks.

    Is there any issue with returning due to it not functioning as advertised?

  • See also selling his bullshit art for 100% more than its worth

  • This reminds me why I rarely frequent eBay... see above also...

    Sunday: Sold item .

    Monday: COVID Symptoms - Tested in PM (#Keyworker).

    Tuesday: Message this buyer and others who purchased items Sunday advising of delays in postage and collection via Hermes now being arranged. Receive some rant back about being messed around by other people and that hopes im not the same. All other buyers send their regards and wish me a speedy recovery!

    Wednesday: This plum messages telling me i've broken eBay rules by not dispatching in 2 days (advert said USUALLY 2 working days).
    I cancel item and refund in full.

    Thursday: Pleasant feedback received.

    Feedback removal submitted.
    Look out for lovely mountain bike bits being advertised here shortly. I'm over eBay.

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