• I would want a good explanation. Sorry just seen the zero feedback. Combination of that and such a difference in addresses and I would probably just cancel and block buyer.

  • Sounds like a hijacked account to me. Maybe report it to eBay?

  • Thanks all. Have sold to zero feedback before without issue but non UK location and off license collection is seriously off putting. Bizarre to have 0 feedback but joined over 2 years ago. Think I'll cancel and cite address issue with a polite msg, then block!

  • You could always give ebay a call/message and see what their take on it is. Certainly informing them of your concerns prior to sending is probably a good way to get them ‘on side’.

    I’ve done this where someone has contacted me after purchasing an item to ask me to send it to an alternate address and they advised me how to protect myself.

  • I've called eBay, told them of my concerns and have their "120% guarantee " that I am fully protected should the buyer claim a not received/described or return an empty box. They said the buyer has a number of other active and 'in good standing' accounts linked to the same email/paypal. Given all this and having taken the call reference number I shall get on and post. Cheers all

  • I wonder what would happen if you sent an empty box? Would you be fully protected still?

  • I had a buyer return an empty parcel once, eBay refunded us both.

  • I would consider your ability to do anything about that should it turn out not to be true. "But some guy on the phone said it would be fine, here's some random digits of a reference number he gave me" isn't much good if Paypal adjudicate against you, no appeal possible.

    Ultimately sellers have to trust every single buyer not to fuck them over.

  • Ah, that's not very encouraging. I did actually specifically ask a out the issue with PayPal and ebay being separate entities able to act independent of each other and he said (the relevance of the call reference number being that it can be listened to I hope should it be required) that regardless, ebay would protect me should it be required. Completely take your pijnt of course and I cited examples of sellers being done over before

  • Just a frustrated rant.

    A pretty rare wheel came up the other day, rear only, but there was a front wheel also pictured. Asked the seller if this was 100% just for the rear or are both included - seller sent a polite message back but unfortunately confirmed rear only. I didn't bother bidding in the end - no way was I ever going to find the matching front.

    Seller has just gone and listed the front wheel...

    I guess my fault for not being more direct with my question. I would have bidded way more than what the rear finally sold for and I would have bought the front for the BIN price they have now listed.


  • Anybody having trouble with shipping from the US? Been waiting aaaages for something. Seller is really terse and a bit dim with the messages, kind of can't work out what's going on. The USPS tracking says the parcel hasn't yet been collected by them, but the seller's marked the item as dispatched. Whne I've contacted the seller a couple of weeks back they said some really vague thing like 'oh maybe it's lost shall I send it again?'


  • ASAP opinions needed (not eBay).

    Bought a frame off here and when it came it didn’t have the chris king headset included as pictured and mentioned.

    First asked the seller where it was, response was sorry a mistake as he had copied and pasted the previous ad when he bought it.
    I ask for funds so I can get a chris king headset for it. He replies with no please send it back.

    As a compromise I instead suggest he pays me the money for the return postage (£21) as a gesture because of his mistake.
    He now refuses and will only refund a cheaper postage option of £8-£10?!

    I see no compromise in his opinion. This doesn’t take into account the inconvenience of having to repackage and having to wait around for parcelforce to collect.

    I just feel this is hardly forum spirit, I have never had any issues like this before and can’t see why he won’t compromise.

    I feel like if it was roles reversed I would have put money towards a chris king headset to avoid agro and keep my good reputation on here.

    Seller has agreed to put this to the forum for opinions.

  • Dick move IMO. They should at least cover the full cost of the return postage, it's not your fault they did a false advertising.

  • The good old 'case opened' email pops up 5 minutes ago. Not heard a squeak from this person since they bought it on FB Marketplace and I posted the item exactly as described the next day, signed for and shows as received/delivered 3 days after purchase on the 5th May. Anyway case opened and reason of - buyer didn't authorise this transaction.

    Interesting further is that they paid goods/servoices and asked me to send the item to a different address than their PayPal registered one. Obviously I said I wouldn't (id refund and they could change address OR they could send friends and family). "No worries, it's my parents address where I used to live so you can just send it there."

    3 months later and I get this kick in the balls - is this prick gonna get his money back and the item?

  • Bad sellers thread>>>>>>>>>

  • Shouldn’t do, but Paypal are cunts

  • Yeah, it's really straightforward seemingly and not something that's a matter of opinion such as condition or value etc. He's sold something that hasn't turned up essentially so should offer a partial refund you can agree on or offer to cover every penny of return postage - as long as it's insured and tracked cheapest is cool I reckon

  • Fingers crossed - I've forwarded screenshots to PayPal resolution centre showing original sale 3 months ago, the buyer requesting me to send to a different address (than his PayPal one) and royal mail delivery and signature confirmation. I mean - it'll be absurd if he gets his money back. I'd have thought if he hadn't authorised the purchase he may have mentioned it within the last 88 days since he received the item and maybe even returned it!!!

  • I thought PayPal didn't refund friends and family payments?

  • my mistake - I meant goods/services!

  • They will if you the buyer reports the payment itself as fraudulent ("someone stole my card" etc), rather than anything the seller did.

  • I had a couple of things take literally months to arrive from the US recently. Eventually they got to Brussels and took over a month to get from there, I could have walked there, picked the things up and walked back again quicker. But they did eventually arrive.

    I've contacted the seller a couple of weeks back they said some really vague thing like 'oh maybe it's lost shall I send it again?'

    The answer is 'yes, please'. The second one will arrive first.

  • corrected now to show goods and services. obviously can see PayPal getting his money back, can't see for the life of me why they'd take it from me however or worst case eventually give it back to me as I've done everything by the book. I cannot for the life of me see how a 'genuine' fraudster could benefit from stealing someones PayPal details unless they 'got in' and changed the registered address - given that the person first asked me to send to a different address (more believable scam) unless a highly intuitive double bluff and by coincidence the occupants of the address/scammer having the same surname as the person who's details have been pinched i'd suggest it's unlikely. I can't see any way in which this could be a genuine dispute - can anyone else?

    Edit - maybe their kid had bought something using their details - fine, send it back then!

  • I had one similar, “seller didn’t authorise purchase”. Paypal kicked it out. They were trying a scam.

  • Listed a kayak - cash on collection only and messaged and interested party saying if he wanted it we'd arrange a deposit and then balance on collection. He's paid via PayPal (I'm not looking to circumnavigate paying any fees but I'm concerned that someone paying PayPal goods and services and collecting in person has even more 'scam potential' - what's to say they haven't collected it when they have?) How do I go about getting their contact details them without the ebay bots bashing me?

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