• Yeah it’s their way of telling you your price was too high.

    It’s no biggy just chuck it on gumtree

  • exactly that - hence my feeling then obliged to take an offer - eBay stitches you right up!

    As an aside @PhilDAS @Howard is there any risk to me, the seller, if a buyer purchases something using friends and family. Someone from India wants something of mine and has asked "got anything else?" to which I asked, "Like what?" and he said "Anything nice I can add to the shipment." He's willing to pay friends and family so not sure if there's catch just seems a bit odd? Not specifically ebay btw

  • Its paypal unfortunately

  • eBay is invoicing me for seller fees on a thing that sold but the buyer never paid for. Looks like I have to pay then receive a credit for it? Twats

  • How long do I have under PayPal rules to file and return a 'not as described'? bought something that was listed as one model but actually another.

  • Ebay is 30 days but paypal is 180 days.

  • Ideal - this is PayPal specifically. Requested a good karma/good will 5% partial refund (was a lesser model so seemed more than fair) but seller insisted on return, as is their right - I might insist on waiting 180 days then (I won't of course!)

  • Bought something on eBay, it’s marked as shipped, but it’s a yodel tracking number which says a package code has been generated and it’s awaiting collection - the code was generated on the 23rd, and the tracking hasn’t been updated since.
    I appreciate that mid corona, things are taking longer, and I messaged the seller to check up on it, but I just got the line about things taking a bit longer at this time.

    There isn’t really anything I can do is there? I don’t know if it’s because yodel aren’t operating in that area at the moment, if the guy isn’t actually available for them to collect, or if the thing isn’t coming at all.

  • I'd give it another week under the circumstances and if still not collected maybe then ask to cancel.

  • Aye. I’ve contacted to check if it’s actually been collected. If that’s the case it’s just a yodel waiting game - which is frustrating, but less annoying.

  • yeah yodel are shite at the best of times to fuck knows what this'll do to them...

  • Sold some trainers. Sent via MyHermes. Courier nicked them. Currently going through MyHermes refund process. Painful. Not using MyHermes again. Twats.

    Also I only insured them at half their value (cause I'm an idiot).

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