• Could reply politely that you aren't a business seller and the warranty has expired

  • So trashed, they didn’t notice for a year.
    Nope, none of your business now

  • Thanks folks, will write something to that effect.

  • A year ago, FFS some folk have a cheek.

  • following on from my incorrect location Ebay purchase - I contacted the seller to say I couldn't collect (due to it being in a different place than it was listed for collection at). It's been a while now and I've had no response. What happens I they don't bother responding? I can't cancel the order - do I mark it as 'did not receive item'? I can imagine after a while, having it sat there in 'my Ebay' is going to start annoying me.

  • Wonder if anyone has dealt with a similar situation, any help/advice would be welcomed:

    Sold a laptop on ebay for £250 on 3rd of December, posted it via Parcelforce, 48h service, ensuring it was carefully packaged, etc. Laptop was delivered to the buyer on the 6th of December.

    The buyer has messaged me on the 11th of December demanding a return/refund as "the screen is damaged" to which i asked for some photo evidence to which i received no reply.

    Then on the 12th, they opened a returns case against me claiming a damaged screen to which I have since replied via ebay returns page that the buyer should send me a picture or some proof of damage but they have not replied yet since.

    Is there anything i can/should do before ebay steps in on the 20th, as I would rather not wait till they step in as they usually favour the buyer despite bogus claims.

    I also took out £200 cover via parcelforce on the shipping of the laptop to cover any damages during transit but I'm not convinced the laptop is actually damaged at all otherwise they would not have waited some 5 days after receiving it to message/alert me and secondly they would have already sent me proof/pictures of the damage.

    I'm considering reporting them for making a false returns claim but not sure how well that would help the current case they opened against me. Would calling up ebay prior to the 20th help?

    Thank you in advance.

  • It might be worth calling ebay and asking for advice but I don’t think you’ll get anywhere raising it as a fraudulent claim at this stage.
    The best you can do is just play along according to what ebay requires of you.
    The most common scam I’ve seen involving laptops on ebay is replacing good parts with faulty parts.
    Perhaps this is the play here.....

  • I've almost had it with eBay, this year I've had.

    New laptop broken on arrival, replacement died within a week.

    Lo pro frame sent without packaging. Dented many times in transit.

    Rim sent damaged, eBay sidded with the seller.

    A few weeks ago a frame came with a crack, had to argue with the seller for a return, let's see if plays ball now it is back with him.

    Frame #2 to replace the above has a chip in the fork steerer. I can cut it down and use a riser stem but I'm getting bored of buying shit from eBay.

  • Cheers, thank you for the reply

  • I bought something on ebay which arrived in worse condition than expected. Messaged the seller requesting partial refund, no response. Made a claim, ebay are giving the seller time to respond. If he doesn't, I assume they will just give me the requested partial refund?

  • Probably give you a full refund

  • Yeh as @MCamb says, they will likely say return for a full refund. Any partial refund would have to agreed between you and the seller.

  • Oh balls. I don't want to return it.

  • It’s PayPal that do partial refunds not ebay.

  • Hit 'buy it now' on an item that I mistakenly thought was free postage as there was no postage cost listed below the 'buy it now' price. Turns out I have to request a shipping price from the seller which I only realised when I went to checkout. Given that I made the decision to buy based on the price shown I tried removing it from my basket but it says I've "...commited to buy..." the item.

    FFS, how can I commit to buy something without knowing the price?

  • Flipping three days later and seller still hasn’t sent me a total price.

    Separate issue, anyone sent a F&F payment on PayPal then cancelled it and gotten it refunded?

    I accidentally sent some money to the wrong person, it was sitting as ‘pending’ so I cancelled it and sent it to the right person. It didn’t just cancel though, it came out my bank account and there’s a pending refund in my PayPal account, it’s been pending for like a week though. Kind of wondering if they are waiting for the recipient to accept the cancellation or something.

    Wouldn’t be too worried if it was like £10 or £20 but it’s £360!

  • Obviously not sure on your specific case but I've had refunds pend for up to 10-12 days previously.

  • Someone bought something on eBay and lo and behold they're channel Islands based which although GB according to eBay hence 80% higher postage cost (not correct dimensions for Royal Mail) plus rigmarole of customs receipt etc. I've swallowed it for good karma but have now found out I can exclude channel Islands on postage preferences so deffo worth considering.

  • I've had refunds pend for up to 10-12 days previously.

    Ughhhhhhh they are fucking crooks!

  • I bought a carbon frame on eBay that was cracked and returned it for a refund. He was a dick during the return process and he has now relisted it.

    He has said there is a chip/crack but it has been like that for ages. He denied knowlage of it with my return. I'm 90% sure it is a carbon crack as you can push it in with your finger and sounds dull when tapped.

    Guess there is nothing I can do...


  • Create an identical listing detailing the info on the damage?

  • I’m sure you can report eBay listings?

  • I’m sure you can report eBay listings?

    Don't waste your time would be my advice.

  • There isn't an option for selling damaged items or items not as described.

  • Any advice please...

    I'm on eBay France, which doesn't (as far as I can find out) offer the Global Shipping Program.
    I had an eBay account in the UK for years, but only ever bought stuff, never sold anything. I've just set up an eBay/PayPal account in France, the first thing I've sold, and it's become a ball-ache right from the off.

    Auctioned some shifters, and set the auction as limited to France and EU countries only, to try and avoid exactly what has now happened.

    Winner is in Latvia (Riga). He paid, 25€ plus 15€ postage, all fine. I posted the item via La Poste (French national postal service), 15€, registered post, with tracking. I sent the buyer a photo of the item boxed up, before posting, to check I'd written the name/address correctly, he replied and confirmed it was correct.
    Sent the package, didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks, I assumed post might be slow in Latvia, plus it was Christmas time. Checked with buyer, nothing arrived. Checked again a week later, still nothing. Buyer has been responsive and polite, has a long history on eBay (10+ years, 1000+ feedback, 100% positive the last 12 months), said he would wait a couple of weeks more, but if nothing turned up he'd ask for a refund.

    Belatedly, I thought to check the item tracking via La Poste. Turns out it arrived in Latvia after 3 days, and then to the local hub depot after 6 days (29th Nov). After that it says it couldn't be delivered due to a problem with the address. The message (also on Nov 29th), says "the address is incomplete and we couldn't deliver your item. We're looking for more information to assure the delivery of your item. You can contact our client service to add more info if necessary."

    On the French La Poste website, it states that once a package has been noted as being received by the national post of the country it has been sent to, then it is the responsibility of that country, and no longer the responsibility of La Poste, which I guess I guess means they won't refund anything.

    I contacted La Poste through their online client service thingy, asking what I could do, and asked the buyer to check with the Latvian post service too. He replied that he checked, but that they had no info on the package. A few days later I got a letter in the post from La Poste saying that they had received my request, were looking into it, and would come back with any further info within 30 days (although contractually they reserve the right to take up to 90 days). I scanned and sent this letter to the buyer, and wrote a translation into English for him. He agreed to wait the 30 days before applying for a refund.
    Those 30 days will be up on Feb 7th, and I'm not very hopeful of anyone finding anything tbh.

    So far it's all been polite, the buyer has been reasonable, and there's no reason to suspect a scam.
    But if the package is never located, and the buyer claims a refund, it means I've lost both the item and the postage fee.

    What's the standard procedure in these circumstances?
    Is there any way for both parties not to lose out here?

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