• haha. people are fucking weird.

    i had similar on a classified on retrobike a while ago. goodish price, had been on sale for ages, guy says open to offers.

    asked a few questions, made a decent offer (not a dirty bastard of a lowball), guy goes in a massive unfriendly huff. pointed out his own ad invited offers and that he is getting upset at himself and he agrees but doesn't resurrect the sale and i can't be fucked dealing with him anyway. #facepalm

  • ...retrobike...

    There you go.

  • I have ghosted buyers on ebay

    One negotiated the price, fair enough, and then started on the postage. At that point I blocked him as felt he was likely to try to negotiate after receiving the item as well.
    Another was buying an Evoc bike bag. Arranged hand over date and time near Balloch in Lomond when i was up visiting family. All agreed, then started to insist on a lower price. Didnt even ask, just stated what I would be receiving. When I said no, and said maybe agreeing price before detail of collection would be best, threw a hissy and pulled out. Blocked.

    Most buyers are great, its just the occasional knob though...

  • if i've made a 'best offer' and its been rejected, is there any way the seller can change their mind?
    it looks like their item might not sell, can they get back to me, or should i send them the same offer again?

  • They can send an offer to all watchers, but they can't change their mind once they've rejected your offer, so you'd have to re-send.

  • I'd advise a very small increased offer with perhaps a friendly/cheeky message. Less likely to (wrongly) annoy seller and potentially lead them to not selling to you

  • Bought something on eBay, £50 or so. Arrived, has suffered damage in transit but should cost £5-10 to resolve, at a guess.

    Message seller asking if he's ok to cover the cost, he says that he'd prefer to just process a refund if I return it.

    I don't really want to return it, but I'd like to be in the condition it was pictured in. Do I stomach the cost myself?

  • The seller ‘could’ offer a partial refund but doesn’t have to. He’s only obliged to refund you on on receipt of the returned item. If you really want it and you think you got it at a good price anyway it may be best to just deal with it....

  • Do I stomach the cost myself?

    Yes, the reason being is that the seller will need to claim on his postal insurance, and he can't do a partial claim, it's all or nothing. So if he does a full refund to you he keeps the value of the item and you get your money back. If he gives you a partial he loses the partial.

  • Purchase something on ebay (fairly expensive, few hundred £) and received this

    Smells like a scam..

    Congratulation and thank you for your purchase.
    I have reserved some time for dispatching of my items due
    frequent travel work commitment.
    Second reason for small delay in dispatching item is
    clearing the payment between my bank and PayPal.
    I had some issues in the past and now not sending any item
    unit money are available on my bank account.
    This time is various and depends what is the source of payment in PayPal buyer account.
    This is not the case as your payment has been fully cleared today.
    I am coming back to London on Thursday and then aiming to secure pack and ship.
    Thank you for you patience.
    I will keep you posting and tracking number will be uploaded to Ebay website.
  • Just sounds like a weird seller imo

  • Give it a reasonable amount of time and then claim if it doesn't arrive? You can always close the claim if it does turn up. A seller request of a few days' grace isn't pushing outside any claims windows.

  • Ha ha bollocks. Just chucked a load of stuff in the 'basket' on the eBay app to figure out the total value then hit the 'Buy' button by mistake.

    Can I cancel? Can I fuck. Bollocks! Have to message all the sellers separately begging for an insta-refund. FML.

  • Oof, what a pain. You can unlink your PayPal/credit card to stop automatic payments but I forgot exactly how I did it.

  • Won an item listed as being collection only in Bristol (where I live) but it turns out it’s in a town outside bristol. I should feel no guilt about cancelling sale, right?

  • If you genuinely can't get there then I guess that's a fair reason. Sometimes I think location may be generated automatically by ebay based on postcode, so if it's a BS**** post code it may just show up as Bristol. I've had that happen to me a few times so I usually ask whereabouts in XYZ is the item.

  • I gather they just put their postcode in and eBay listed it as bristol. It’s not though, it’s North Somerset and I’m the other side of bristol - I wouldn’t have committed to buy if I’d known where it was.
    I probably could get there, but it would involve dragging my kids out on a boring car journey that I’d just rather not bother with at this time of year. I’ve got so little spare time at the moment that I feel like it’s just enough faff to tip it over in to ‘nope’ territory.

    Edit: you’re right though, I probably should have checked. But then I guess they should have too!

  • To clarify, I think your reasons for potentially cancelling are perfectly legit.

  • Picked up a set of old school DMR wingbars - the braced ones - for a couple of quid after the seller mistakenly listed them under roof racks. Advert claims they’d be posted second class signed for, but when I finally get a posted notification it says ‘no tracking’. Surprise surprise, a week and a bit passes and no package arrives. Contact seller and ask for tracking info, get a response ‘sent without tracking, open a claim and I’ll refund’. Cunt never sent them.

    Wouldn’t mind but this is the second time I’ve had this with these bars. Previous seller gave me some BS line about them being too long to go in the post and when he finally did “find a courier” lo and behold they went missing in the post. Will be fun to see what happens next time I stumble across a set for sale. End of the world, probably.

  • To be fair, signed for 2nd class doesn't have tracking, it has proof of delivery.

    They'd likely not go signed for 2nd though as (like your other seller claimed) they'd be too long for Royal Mail who have a 60cm max length. They'd need to go parcelforce 48 which is around £14 minimum.

    Maybe try looking for a new set from a seller doing large quantities and offering free postage. They'll send them with Hermes or some shit courier but there's not much can go wrong with a Wingbar.

  • Edit- oops nvm

  • Sold some forks almost a year ago, buyer just messaged me that they had them serviced and they're apparently completely trashed - is this really my problem?

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