• haha. people are fucking weird.

    i had similar on a classified on retrobike a while ago. goodish price, had been on sale for ages, guy says open to offers.

    asked a few questions, made a decent offer (not a dirty bastard of a lowball), guy goes in a massive unfriendly huff. pointed out his own ad invited offers and that he is getting upset at himself and he agrees but doesn't resurrect the sale and i can't be fucked dealing with him anyway. #facepalm

  • ...retrobike...

    There you go.

  • I have ghosted buyers on ebay

    One negotiated the price, fair enough, and then started on the postage. At that point I blocked him as felt he was likely to try to negotiate after receiving the item as well.
    Another was buying an Evoc bike bag. Arranged hand over date and time near Balloch in Lomond when i was up visiting family. All agreed, then started to insist on a lower price. Didnt even ask, just stated what I would be receiving. When I said no, and said maybe agreeing price before detail of collection would be best, threw a hissy and pulled out. Blocked.

    Most buyers are great, its just the occasional knob though...

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