• Winner of an auction of mine has an addresspal address as their delivery address

    should I be afraid? What bullshit will come my way?

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  • Reshipping centre?

    Send signed for or something and you'll be able to prove you've upheld your end of the deal by shipping to the provided address.

  • Had something very similar to that the other day; buyer had a Korean name so I'm guessing it got shipped on to Korea and they still saved money on the postage by avoiding the eBay GSP fees. Dunno what happens if they're not happy and want to return it but I can only hope it's at their expense.

  • Huh, yeah, was thinking that. Recorded to that address it goes...

  • Addresspal is Irish and run by our national postal service (An Post). DPD and Nightline offer similar service (ParcelWizard and ParcelMotel) so An Post set one up to compete.

  • Been getting offers on high value items I have for sale from buyers who have 0 feedbacks, always london based not far from me. I accepted once they never paid or never reply to communication. Same buyer did it twice more to me even after not paying the first time . Now I have an other one doing the same but on a different item.

    What’s the trap here?

  • I don’t think you’re personally at risk. The only thing I know of is this:-
    Not sure exactly what their motive is though. Considering the size of ebay it would take thousands of people to actually cause any real damage...

  • Can't say I can see how any scam would work here. However, if it's becoming annoying, you can set up rules on your auctions so people have to have above X number of feedback to bid.

  • I bought a turbo trainer that turned up bent and needs to be returned. I told the seller I don't drive so can't drop off 2x 8kg parcels nearly two miles away. They still sent me Hermes drop off returns labels. What should I do, excelate it to eBay? We are talking about £280.

  • I would suggest you find someone who can drive you to drop off the parcels.
    Despite the shitness of it all they’ve upheld their end of the bargain by sending you the labels.
    Once the packages are scanned and on their way back you should be totally in the clear and can look forward to your refund.
    Ebay don’t care whether you drive or not; you just have to get it done.

  • Only other option is to use your own courier who will pick up (eg. parcelforce) and then claim the returns cost via paypal's returns shipping programme (up to £15 I believe)

  • so can't drop off 2x 8kg parcels nearly two miles away.

    Do you have a valid reason for being so weak?
    Life can be tough, deal with it.

  • can't drop off 2x 8kg parcels nearly two miles away

    Me making excuses about taking our cats to the vet

  • 8 mile round trip?

  • Are the packages triangular?
    One trip should suffice.

  • Buy a cargo bike, obviously.

  • No, but rather large. No way I can carry 16kg two miles with boxes that size.

  • With my look on eBay recently it would probably turn up damaged.

  • I recently accepted a return on a bag even though I thought the reasons were pretty spurious because I knew eBay would just side with them if I argued. I issued a refund as soon as I got it back but now the buyer is whining that it hasn't appeared in their account, even though I sent them a screenshot of it currently being held as pending by PayPal and said there's nothing I can do. Apparently they will 'revert' on Monday if they don't see the money. I don't really get why they're pissy at me rather than the faceless goons at PayPal who are taking their sweet time over it. They are actually way more active buying and selling than me going by their history so you'd think they'd have some tolerance for this.

  • Can you just block them now?
    If you’ve issued a refund then technically any business relationship is now over and you’re free from any further commitment to the transaction.
    It’s now their problem not yours.

  • Apparently they will 'revert' on Monday if they don't see the money

    What does this mean? You've refunded. There's nothing they can do now.

  • I received a lot of communication using the word revert meaning "we will get back to you at a later date" when we have the answer or new information that you require.

    This was when dealing with government of India departments

  • This was when dealing with government of India departments

    Btw, I remember reading that some of those weird or wrong-sounding terms and expressions are holdovers from the Colonial era, i.e. things that used to be normal expressions, but which disappeared in the UK. I think 'do the needful' was one example. Maybe that use of 'revert' has a similar backstory?

  • PayPal t&C's state that refunds can take up to a week once issued. Point buyer to them and say it's out your hands

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