• I don't know exactly which configuration you're looking at but isn't the basic setup only about £375 anyway?
    Personally I wouldn't risk that kind of money on an overseas purchase. I think the most I've ever spent has been probably on a rare Blu-Ray from Japan at about £150. Or possibly some vinyl from the states at a similar value.
    Even if I was covered, the pain and time to recover my losses would be too much for me to bear to be honest.
    Look at it this way; if it doesn't live up to your expectations for whatever reason, do you really want the hassle of sending it back to China?

  • Those Emonda SLR framesets are super pricy upfront so it seems like a decent enough deal. If you can get back the money required for the repair then I'd call that fair game, maybe a bit more for your inconvenience. Definitely make sure there are no other issues, but I'd go ahead.

  • Yeah good point, I hadn’t even considered having to send it back if there was a problem, way too much hassle. Thanks!

  • Brand new them.

  • I’ve just sold something on eBay and the seller is based in China but lists a Parcel Motel in Newtonabbey as address. They’ve received very negative feedback (i.e. “crook”) and no feedback in the last 12 months.

    To be honest I don’t want to sell to this person. They’ve not paid for the item Yerba. What can I do?

  • Perhaps somethings happened to the item that means you can’t in good conscious post it, perhaps it got damaged before you could post it or you’ve lost it, shit happens!

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/o7955915l6l-d­/m.html?item=143375557432&hash=item2161d­96338%3Ag%3A8bMAAOSwECNc-sf1&rt=nc&_trks­id=p2047675.l2562

    has anyone bought from this modernist poet before?

    these items have been 
    carefully inspected,
    No hair line cracks 
    All the front & rear 
    hub bearings feel 
    smooth when turned
    I consider these items
    to be in a used, 
    good working order 
    ready for use.
  • I have a listing that I can't relist because it's already set to relist. But it's had its auto relisting and finished that run. Why won't it relist again?

  • Just 'sell similar item'?

  • Duh. Good idea!

  • Sent something to a buyer via Parcelforce, the day after payment. The buyer sends a 'fyi' they tried to deliver but want in, how dare they deliver when most people aren't in. Ok, no issue - I check tracking and days two delivery attempts have been made so I suggest he contact them and see if it can be collected or delivered, of his choice be arranged. This is his response
    Hi there,
    thanks for reply.
    There is no way to reschedule delivery online (or at least I don't see any option to do so).

    "As for calling ParcelForce, with all due respect, but as a seller you are responsible for doing so. It is company you have chosen, you paid them for a service and you need to deal with them. I paid you for wheels and shippment and I deal with you (means I informed you about an issue)."

    • what exactly does he want me to do! The 'issue' he informed me about seems to be his, not the courier's! Anyway I've msgd him saying what would he like me to do (I can ring ParcelForce but he needs to tell me what day he wants it delivered). Am I going to end up with the item back and losing out on the postage? Is he a twat? Am I being unreasonable?
  • I would say yes, he sounds like a twat and yes he’s being unreasonable. But, from the point of damage limitation the best thing to do is just take a deep breath.
    Don’t argue who’s right or wrong; just stick to short ‘to the point’ messages. Like ‘would you like to collect the item from the depot’ or ‘which day would you like them delivered’.
    Just do whatever it takes to keep your side of the bargain.
    We all know it’s about being reasonable and working ‘together’ to resolve these things but in the real world people like this just have no clue.
    Just do whatever you have to do to minimise the stress at your end and keep your fingers crossed the buyer’s actually happy with the item!

  • That's what I've (bitten my tongue and) done. Just asked him to let me know at the earliest opportunity what it actually is he wants me to do about it. He says it's my responsibility to contact ParcelForce but hasn't given me any inclination of what he wants. I've asked him to let me know whether he wants to specify a delivery day or collect from him local depot. I just get a feeling this is going to run as he was asking some weird/unnecessary questions prior to purchase - the item is brand new so you know what you're getting.

    Cheers mate and tbh at the mo, it's the least of my stresses!

  • I’d be inclined to do fuck all and wait till you get the parcel back then refund the guy all his money and tell him to do one.

    Sounds like a total chancer.

  • send him some frozen sausages

  • Well, he hasn't messaged back with any suggestion regarding what he wants done about it so perhaps this is the way - will seller protection allow me, eventually, to get my postage cost back (only a tenner but still!)?


  • Not entirely sure but I do know a phone call tends to work wonders in these situations.

  • Who to? Seller hasn't got a number added. You mean eBay or ParcelForce?

  • Has the bloke got the bit of paper from Parcel force saying he was out and to contact for another date to deliver or to pick up from the delivery depot?

  • Though tracking said a card would be left, he says not

  • eBay.

    They do tend to side with buyers but it seems like a phonecall does a lot to get them on side.

    If parcel force tried to deliver Friday then it might be tomorrow that the card arrives. They usually send it in an envelope when I have something to collect. Oh and they usually drop stuff at the local post office for me too.

  • Ideal, will do that and await the buyer at least offering some sort of solutions rather than complaining that courier's deliver in working hours

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