• When I’m selling I’m always adamant that I’ll get exactly what I decide something is worth, but when I use Ebay to buy I’m one of those determined to get something for nothing!

  • I sold an item on eBay and the buyer used the option to have it delivered to their local Argos for collection. Over the weekend I got an email from MyHermes to say that Argos had refused delivery (the reference for delivery was clearly marked on the parcel) and it was being returned to me.

    Has anyone had a similar problem and if so how did you resolve it? I currently have emailed MyHermes for more information but expect them to shrug and say hey we did our part and tried to deliver it. I'll contact eBay in the morning and I guess try to call the Argo in question but really I'm going to end up being shafted aren't I?

  • Did you include the unique 'code' on the address?

  • Yep it was all there.

    I've found out what it was, or rather what I suspect it was. Tucked away in the small print for Argos click and collect items (this is an opt out and not opt in system by the way...) is that no one length can be longer than 90cm and the longest of mine was 96cm.

  • FFS! So now all that extra transportation cost and hassle for the sake of a slightly oversized package! You'd think they would just add a surcharge somewhere. I'm surprised it was even noticed.

  • How do you go about doing a charge back on your credit card?

    I think I might have fucked up.

    I bought an Alfine hub from German seller Snake Bikes on ebay and it's not arrived yet. It's not even marked as shipped.

    I paid by credit card, I thought through Paypal but when I go looking in my paypal account there's no record of the transaction.

    I've looked right through my emails and it seems that I never received any kind of receipt by email actually. Don't know why this didn't ring alarm bells at the time but it certainly is now.

    Seller has a fair bit of negative feedback, most of it is German but there's at least one in English which mentions a long wait.

    Sale was on the 10th of May, expected delivery date is 28th May - 7th June so clicking on the 'I didn't receive it' thing on ebay is no help as yet.

  • You may have inadvertently paid directly from your credit card. I think ebay sellers / shops can still offer that as well as paypal.
    As long as you know the date of the purchase you should be fine.
    Just call your CC company and tell them you made an online purchase but the seller is non-communicative and you want to reverse the payment.
    By law any seller whether it be ebay or otherwise is required to provide some kind of receipt or evidence of the transaction even it’s just an email.
    The bank will probably tell you that they can’t guarantee a successful reversal etc. there may even be a fee but hopefully it would be worth it.
    However, if you hold on until the 7th and raise an INR won’t ebay refund you eventually anyway as part of the buyer protection policy?
    Good luck.

  • However, if you hold on until the 7th and raise an INR won’t ebay refund you eventually anyway as part of the buyer protection policy?

    Fingers crossed.

    I have messaged the seller this evening but going by the -ve feedback they have I don't expect they're going to respond.

    I have the 'Order Confirmed...' email from eBay, would usually be followed by the paypal receipt email but I can't find anything else from that date. The email from ebay says 'Total charged to - Mastercard (last 4 digits of card no.).

  • Contacted the seller the other day, they said "We check and send replacement if not registered" which kind of rang alarm bells, it was a brand new Alfine hub and fitting kit, £200 worth, you're not gonna just write that off and pop another one in the mail.

    Heard nothing more so contacted again today and they said "We send Tracking id today". So, in other words, you ain't posted shit yet have you?

    Told them to forget it and refund me, rang ebay who were actually quite helpful and opened an INR claim even though I should really have had to wait till tomorrow as today was the last day of the 'expected delivery' window.

    Anyway, couple hours later the seller processed my refund. Seems like they were just gonna hang onto my £200 and not send me anything till I complained.

  • Hoping this doesn’t turn sour:

    Sold a frame on eBay. Fair bit of friendly chat with buyer prior to shipping about various questions he had etc. I wrapped the frame in lagging pretty well and it was boxed but I didn’t put anything between the dropouts. Get a kind of shitty message from buyer suggesting rear triangle and dropout is bent or something - he’s clearly cheesed off buy it doesn’t seem to occur this may have happened in transit (it was straight when I sent it). When I reply asking for more details and photos (calmly) of packaging and frame he de-escalates a bit and it turns out he just had a bit of trouble getting the wheel in. He’s going to build it up and give it a ride and see how it goes.

    What’s the best thing for me to do here? I’ve asked for photos of the packaging and frame before he builds it up but he’s not sent any and it sounds like he’s just going to go ahead and ride it. I feel like once he’s done that, without giving me evidence of damage, he’s kind of forfeiting right to return or refund or whatever. Will eBay see it that way? I want to end up with both of us reasonably happy.

    Edit: just got message saying he’s taken it for a ride and is really happy! Who knows that happened there, but if he’s happy I’m happy 😊

  • Good result; shame about the wasted time and hassle though.

  • anyone ever been paid paypal gift, received money, transferred to bank, then when you click on the transaction on PayPal for the additional info, it says "page doesn't exist"?

    Money showing in my bank but wondering if a chargeback might have been initiated...

  • They had that glitch couple days ago. But now it should be all fine

  • Sold a pair on Jordans on eBay for a decent price, buyer has been a total arse from the get go - sold them Sunday afternoon, by Monday midday I am getting messages asking “when are you planning to ship my Jordans”.

    Anyway, I sent them and he has now received them, but has sent me a long message about how he’s unhappy about the condition they are in (sold as used trainers mind, there were enough photos on the listing ) and is asking for a £10 partial refund on them. Good mind to tell him to stick it, but I don’t want to get caught out if he presses eBay for a full refund as I think they usually come down on the side of the buyer?

  • Tell him that if he isn’t happy he can return the trainers for a full refund. He pays postage.

  • Just had this exact thought, cheers

  • Sold an item, buyer paid immediately. 30 mins later I get a message that their account has been hacked and a request to cancel the order. I've not posted it. Is this some sort of an elaborate scam that I can't figure out or simply buyer's remorse?
    I told them to cancel it on their end as I can't do anything because of a PayPal case they opened before contacting me.

  • Sounds like they had instant buyer remorse and panicked, opening a paypal claim and saying their accounts been hacked...

    I guess it might have been a scam if they waited a couple of days before saying they’ve been hacked, giving you a chance to post it.

    I’d just let it run it’s course :-)

  • Yeah hard to tell if scam or not. At this stage the main thing is that you haven’t posted the item.
    I would just leave it all in the hands of paypal for now. If they really have been hacked the transaction will be automatically cancelled eventually anyway and you should get an email from ebay to that effect.

  • Take your time, check tomorrow if you want from mine side the case is closed. The payment is also released to you.
    It was mine flat mate using mine account without mine permission, i did not know and did unauthorised transaction on PayPal text.
    Apologises for any inconveniences caused.

    Best excuse ever. I'll let PayPal/eBay deal with it.

  • Coming on strong with a remarkable approach to possessive pronouns.

  • I read it in a sort of ‘shakespearean’ voice.

  • It could also be someone who actually lives in a mine.

  • I purchased a Trek Emonda SLR from ebay. Seller described some cosmetic damage on seat tube which I gave benefit of the doubt. Bike arrives and I inspect the frame, find that the front mech hanger is damaged, likely from over tightening. I request a quote from a carbon repair shop and from the pictures he says he's more worried about seat tube. Total for the two repairs will be £300. Case opened with ebay in which seller can either partial refund to cover the repair cost or I will receive full refund and post bike back.

    I paid just shy of 1450. My justification was that in the likelihood that the frame was okay, I could always sell the other components (campag super record, enve bars / stem, carbon wheels.) I could recoup some money, let's say around £700? which meant I paid 750 for a 2016 emonda slr project one with the nice vapor coat paint job. As it's a highly desirable frame for me I was very contempt with that.

    Now my question is, given that the seller would refund 300, would it still be worth keeping a twice repaired frame or should i just return it and continue my search for another "cheap" frame. Maybe these things are always too good to be true. I think I should know by now how much of a gamble ebay is..

    Any input appreciated.

  • Has anybody ever bought anything from one of those Chinese bike seller that make it look like there in the uk but on closer inspection there in China.

    I’m looking at a sram apex group set for about £350. I can’t find anything more locally.

    I’m expecting to pay vat if it arrives. They’ve got good reviews but only for fairly inexpensive stuff as far as I can see. Is with worth the risk of having to deal with a PayPal dispute?

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