• Jup, dispute for lbs bill and bars difference. Fuck him.

  • Dispute him, get a full refund, post the bike back in pieces

    (there is of course a question of good faith here. Do you have grounds to suspect the seller was aware of the defects? I reckon 99% of bike sellers on eBay are clueless as to what they are selling and / or how to describe the condition. Assume everything is 'fucked' and negotiate on that, and you won't be disappointed)

  • Clearing out some stuff via ebay, but seems the hassle you get these days from buyers is just not worth it. Was thinking of donating some stuff to bike project/ charities so will just do that for everything I think.

  • I find gumtree and Facebook groups/marketplace a lot easier.

    Usually sell to someone local, they come view and pay cash.

  • Facebook marketplace is hell over here. I do my pricing honestly online so don't want to deal with fucking "discounts/lowest price/whatever". The nerve of some people...

  • Sold something in eBay and buyer (who has very peculiar address listed (though Paypal verified) has no given name and is clearly using a forwarding company to receive goods in his home country. Buyer has good feedback btw. I contact buyer to confirm name/address and they respond with 'send exactly as Paypal address' and alas RM rejects it. Possible I didn't put address correctly as the formatting is a bit odd with no name etc. A quick google has very mixed reviews of what I assume is the forwarding company with many saying scammers and people buy goods then claim not to have received etc (though there are many favourable ones too). Shall I persevere or just cancel using 'problem with address'? Item worth more than I want/can afford to lose.

  • I've also noticed bullshit buyer addresses using Argos premises but usually there is a name. You've been reasonable in contacting them for clarification and clearly cannot be sent. Advise buyer and cancel 'problem with address'. Accurate description of what you have detailed really.

  • Argos handles ebay click and collect. I use it quite often when buying if there's an option to. It's not always available so I'm not sure if it's something the seller has to opt into but I've used it for sales from private individuals and companies. It's always addressed to the argos I pick it up from with my name on it, I just give them the code when I collect.

  • ^ Yeah, this is great for avoiding questions on bike-related purchases from the partner.

  • @Colonel_of_Truth @c4shr
    Yeah, sent items to click and collect Argos without issue. This address name is Central Flat Budapest
    Followed by a 5 digit number, then a road, Preston and a postcode. The buyer didn't give a 'given name' when asked for one just said 'send exactly as per Paypal.'

  • As in his name on paypal no? You can't have a paypal without a name

  • If it sounds a bit iffy then just cancel the sale. It’s not worth the risk.

  • No given name simply this...I've spoken to someone they've bought off previously, who I know having bought a few things from and they've said they've sent recently and its been received without issue (by the forwarding agency I suspect rather than the individuals)

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  • I think I should be fair and trust in the system and give it one last go given a) good feedback inc lots of bike bits b) another seller I trust had no issue c) Paypal verified address and send signed/tracked/insured and once accepted/signed for when arrived at the forwarding place; it's then their responsibility to get it to the purchaser. If RM baulk at address again I'll cancel

  • Rejected again at PO...cancelled transaction

  • Tate

    Was the buyer name Attila by any chance?

  • No mate, 'Central Flat Budapest' 'Central Flat Asoria Budapest' also in the Paypal payer details; no given name - was quite peculiar and I did my bit on trust given their very good feedback and Paypal verification but tbh was a little relieved when RM scanned it and said no to the address

  • Dear seller,
    I want to apologise for the misunderstanding, i am not able to collect the purchase, So, if is possible >I want to cancel the deal. I am really sorry I can not pay for delivery .
    Thank you in advance for your understanding .


    I find this slightly curious because your feedback rating seems quite high - which would suggest you know how eBay works and you would know to only bid on items you can follow through on.

    As the cost of the item is small - £4.40 - I think the decent thing to do in this circumstance is simply to pay for the item. Think of the £4.40 as the price you paid to learn to not bid on items you don't have the intention to follow through on.

    I'll donate the bottles on to someone who needs them.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.


  • Well put, add in a 'its not possible' somewhere. Chancer.

    I've resorted to bin on all ads with immediate payment setting. Sorts out this kind of annoyance. I also find that keeping a few 'to be amended' ads when theres a £1 selling fee allows you to relist if they do ask for a refund.

  • Not strictly eBay but how are Etsy for resolving disputes? Bought a camera (thankfully didn't spend much) and the seller gave me a fake RM Signed For ref number and it hasn't turned up over a week later (UK based seller so no 'actually this is coming from China, SUCKER' shenanigans). He's now pulled all his stock and has marked that he is on holiday for 2 weeks. He did respond to my message saying he would try to sort it out long distance but I don't see how that's possible and my gut says he's dicking me about. I didn't realise he has a standalone online store too which has an extremely bad rep if you Google it.

    Edit: well, that seemed painless compared to eBay, just submitted the mediation request and they gave me a full refund fairly quickly.

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