• Cheers. Just having a try with Gixen and it seems decent. I particularly like being able to set up groups so it will bid on a variety of items but stop after you win one.

  • Sold some (new/unused) wheels on the Bay which were recieved by buyer 7 weeks ago. Now had a message (acknowledging fast postage and that they were brand new, and they were clearly new) saying one wheel has a crack in it and as he hasn't used them either, could I send original receipt as Mavic have a 3 year replacement/warranty. Anything seem fishy? Also, can I black out some personal details from the receipt (obviously not vendor, item, serial number and date)?

  • Ask for pictures of the crack.

  • Have managed to deduce that it's definitely the join/machining ridge on the braking surface not a crack; he acknowledges that but is adamant he wants the receipt to do a Mavic warranty claim that (he says he's used before); they'll definitely grant

  • are they broken? If so he should open a claim with eBay. If they are not broken I'm not sure why you should provide the receipt; the warranty is not transferable in most cases.

    That said I can't really think of great reason to not provide the receipt, other than it's just delaying the inevitable return of the wheels when the guy finds out he can't warranty them.

  • No they're not broken, merely the purchaser doesn't like that the breaking surface join sits a little proud and means a slight 'knocking' which is experienced under breaking on lots of new cheaper wheels whilst the pads wear the join down - he seems to think the warranty will be fine but will call Mavic to explain tomorrow. He accepts that there is no fault or negligence on my part. I'll ask him to let me know what Mavic say and from there will send receipt if they'll transfer warranty in this case else what I'm liable for? The cost of his return postage to me - even though there's no suggestion of any fault on my part? Cheers

  • Equally annoying is that he gave feedback as 'perfect'. Tbh, don't get the impression he's being difficult rather a bit of a noob and causing a LITA

  • Some people sell things and give the original receipt as proof of purchase to the subsequent buyer.If the eBay transaction is fine (think the necessary time to claim will have ended by 7 weeks and no comeback) I can’t see there is anything fishy. Just send the receipt it’s not like you need it unless you do (taxman etc).

    I doubt he would want to claim he’s you or that he lives at your address. If Mavic do wish to help him, then fine, if they don’t, then you’re still fine. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bought a set of bmx cranks which were loose on the axle when they turned up.

    Contacted seller through eBay for a return, they claimed they were fine, suggested I’d fitted them wrong then when I said I was a bike mech they went quiet.

    I opened a case through PayPal, no response so escalated to a claim, still no response so after the required amount of time PayPal found in my favour and refunded me.

    Seller has now emailed me to say “Hi are you have received a refund and I have not received the cranks ?”.

    What would you do?

    I’ve had this before where the seller ignores it and I get a refund with no request/requirement of returning the item but this is the first time the seller has then got in touch.

    Tempted to reply saying that’s what happens when you dinghy the PayPal claim or say I binned the cranks because they’re fucked (I haven’t, I did wonder about buying a new axle to see if it was any better but that’d likely cost me at least half what I paid for the cranks and. Ugh the not fix anything).

    Edit: Since PayPal now consider the matter closed I doubt I’ll be able to use their return postage refund thing eh?

  • Tell them you haven't received a shipping label or a modicum of courtesy hence no cranks, but if they want to time travel back and not act like a slabbering cunt you're happy to facilitate the return

  • When an ebay item is returned due to being faluty, not as described, etc does Ebay refund the selling fees, Paypal refund their fees, etc or is there a risk of stuff being returned and the seller being out of pocket?

  • eBay and PP do not refund the fees, no. Good incentive to be clear with descriptions.

  • Email came from a different email address to the one the person I had dealings with was using for Paypal.

    I'm not even dignifying it with a response, blocked with my email provider and added the user to my ebay block list too just incase they try anything stupid.

  • They started sending me messages on eBay.

    I was actually about to say if they sent me a label or paid the postage then they could have them back but then they sent another message saying that they’ve been reading about what’s happened (why they didn’t bother their arse to read anything during that 10 days Paypal gave them to respond I don’t know) and that I’ve “...scammed them out of a set of cranks...”.

    Are you allowed to set up eBay and PayPal accounts when you’re 5 years old?

  • I made this for you

    Dear SadGuy

    I'm sorry you feel you have been scammed. But look - if you don't engage with the eBay dispute process, you will end up out of pocket by default because eBay's default position is to refund the buyer and provide the seller with no method, or right, to retrieve the item. At this point you are at the mercy of the buyer's better instincts to return the item, but honestly, after selling something that does not work and is not as described, you've already lost the good will of the buyer because dealing with the fallout of receiving an item that does not work is a fucking massive waste of time.

    Consider the value of the broken cranks you sold me the price you paid to learn the lesson of engaging with the eBay dispute resolution process.



  • This morning it’s facebook stalking (I’d posted to ask if anyone I knew had a spare axle to see if I could diagnose whether it’s the arms or axle at fault, seller had sent me a screen shot of this) and threats to take it further.

    Edit: Sent them something very similar to what you posted.

    Seller is now suggesting I pay them back 50% of what I was refunded!

  • Quite apart from the postage cost thing, I’m reticent to send the cranks back as I know what’ll happen, they’ll be back on eBay with someone else having to deal with this.

  • Lol, what the fuck is he gonna do.

  • Literally just ignore that person. Block them on everything you can block them on.

  • Yeah, it sounds like it’s time to wash that man out of your life :-)

  • First, record a video of you dancing in a huge pile of cranks whilst firing dollar bills from the dollar bill gun.

  • Ebay are (unsurprisingly) fucking useless. They won't block a seller from messaging you even when they agree that their messages to date constitute harassment.

    Blocking on all possible channels now.

  • Just give me my fucking cranks back you bastard.

  • Dilemma which I would kindly entertain thoughts.

    I bought a full track bike from Facebook marketplace. The seller advertised bike with 'Alpina Carbon sprint track bars' that had been fully taped and bike was described as very good condition. I persuade the seller to reduce price as it was quite high to begin with which he agreed and I pay for postage/courier of the bike from his home. Gets to my home around £650 mark. I was really grateful for him packing up etc.

    Bike arrives, I untape the bars and they are not 'Alpina Carbon sprint track bars' but no name cheap China carbon track bars. One of the reasons I bought the bike was for the bars/frame.

    I also attempt removing the cranks. I see drive side bolt cap is pushed in instead of screwed in and crank bolt does not move. LBS have to drill the crank bolt out (no grease on threads) and drive side cranks threads are cross threaded. LBS get the cranks out.

    I am disappointed I didn't get the bars that were described to me and a bit miffed about the cranks being cross threaded and bolt. Buyer has corresponded with me on Facebook saying bars are Alpina and was sold the same way back in 2012 by velodromeshop. Pictures of actual bars and alpina ones sent for him to compare but not conceding. Says cranks were installed competently by mechanic, I paid a fair price etc...

    Is it legitimate for me to open Paypal dispute for bars not as described and cranks issue? (Alpina bars are £199 rrp, £100 odd second hand, no name china ones £??, lbs bill was for £25). I do want to keep the bike though, ideally do not want to return the whole.

  • Is it legitimate

    Just do it, block him, move on and forget about it
    Don't lose sleep over it

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