• The GSP is for buyers who really really want something and aren’t too worried about how much they pay to have it shipped.

  • My only experience of buying using GSP was to get a Timbuk2 bag sent over from the US (it was cheaper and in better nick than anything available from within the EU). I think I paid £20 for the bag and about the same for postage and import fees etc.

    Considering UK sellers wanted upwards of £40 for worn out bags and closer to £100 for ones in similarly minty condition plus generally around £10 postage it was a no brainer.

  • Yep that's good I didn't mean buyers in the pejorative sense.

    It's also for sellers who want to ship internationally but don't want the hassle. You have to be absolutely rock solid on the quality and description of your item though.

  • You have to be absolutely rock solid on the quality and description of your item though.

    Aye sorry, I didn’t take offence even though my ardent defence of the GSP maybe made it sound like I did! I just have found it pretty good, mostly from the seller side but also as a buyer.

    Maybe I’ve just been lucky and haven’t happened to cross paths with any foreign Cuntbuyers™ but the sales I’ve made using it have all went off without a hitch.

    In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that I’ve had less hassle with GSP sales compared to domestic ones.

  • So I ordered sth on ebay that was coming from China... it's long pass it's ETA, so I opened a case and the seller replied asking me to wait for another week, so I did.... still nothing and so I replied asking for a refund, they are not keen on issuing a refund instead they insisted on sending the item again... I am not keen on that because I originally ordered the item at the beginning of Sept so I have no interest in waiting for another 2 months for it to 'might' turn up... is the ball totally in my court in terms of demending a refund?

  • Yeah. They probably want to send it again as they'll be hoping you either forget about it or it goes outwith the period where you can claim a refund.

    I'd get straight on paypal and open a dispute and in the morning escalate it. Quickest way you'll get your money back.

  • Cheers, I will reply to them now to say I want a refund and if they don't do it before this time tomorrow then I'd escalate... it sucks because it's the 2nd time this's happened in the last couple of months... And I have another item's ETA expires tomorrow...

    My gut feeling tells me both the items have indeed landed in the UK and fucking Royal Mail have lost them as I have an ongoing issue with them keep losing my packages / post as they claim they cannot find my physical front door sometimes, well I don't tend to move my door regularly... sadly Chinese sellers don't like to use tracking for cheaper posting cost... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • FFS, think I have just been scammed by someone on ebay... ordered something and it turned out to be something completely different... returned it, didn't pay attention to the return address, I mean, why would I? Auto pilot stuck the label on the box and shipped it back. Just tracked it and the delivery was refused, the location N Ireland caught my attention so I looked a little deeper...

    A seller based in China has a very English name and the return address is Cambridge with a N Ireland postcode...

    I will get my money back eventually, but I have a feeling it's not worth my time to deal with it... might stay off ebay for a while now.

  • Just beware buying from China. I ordered a deraillleur hanger from a seller located in Manchester, and when I got the confirmation email it turns out it’s actually in China. Two weeks later the package arrives and it contains a leather watch strap. Ok, it was only a few quid and free postage but if I’d known where the seller was actually located I wouldn’t have ordered it. So now I have to badger them for a replacement or refund or look around for another. Just need to be a bit more careful, I guess.

  • The things I bought recently are only available in China, so... anyway, just got off the phone with ebay and they are refunded me my money and told me to throw the item away if/when it comes back to me. Will see I will get my refund back in a timely fashion. Bad review to the seller!

  • If the return address isn't valid, surely that's their problem? (as in, according to eBay)

  • **EDIT: ** it's in

    view order details

    Is there anyway to retrieve / view the messages to seller included on checkout?

    I ordered two different pieces of box section, one was meant to be cut the other wasn't. The seller cut the wrong ones.

    They've asked to see a copy of the invoice which has handwritten instructions to cut the wrong piece.

    I can't seem to work out how to view what I thought was an idiot-proof set of instructions added in the "message to seller" box on checkout.

  • Yes, they have actually violated the seller's policies. ebay could see I have tried to post the item back and it was refused or unable to deliver, so I now got the refund.

  • After reporting the scamer to ebay, they finally replied to my message saying they use a 3rd party warehouse (yeah right!) and sometime they refuse deliveries... FFS since when N Ireland relocated itself to Cambridge...

    Also they offered to give me 60% refund so I get to keep the item that I never wanted at the first place...

    I am currently LOLing...

  • With 'Brexit' you'll be lucky if you get a leather strap to hang your derailleur from! :)

  • So that eBay case I talked about a while back? Where I got two boxes of Weck jars without clips and seals, and the super-angry German seller just kept saying the seals were inside the jars and threatened me with debt collectors because they didn't follow eBay's returns process and I got a full refund and kept the jars?

    Opened the last jar in the second box yesterday and it had all the clips and seals inside it.


  • haha
    never mess with ze germans

  • Oh shit moments

  • #cuntbuyer

  • Totally a #cuntbuyer. But they were still a #cuntseller.

    No sleep lost

  • How do I contact ebay directly without going throug theirn flow chart style have you done this that and whatever only to be told "you case has been resolved, further issues please contact the seller"?

    ebay has refunded me the money but it is of a wrong amount...

  • Buyer opened a case yesterday claiming non receipt of an item that sold on 11th nov and was posted on 13th.

    Checked the tracking and it wasn’t delivered, it was collected from the delivery office and signed for.

    Seems dodgy but would anyone really be dumb enough to try and claim they hadn’t received an item they signed for?

    Haven’t heard anything from buyer since pointing out that they’d signed for it.

    And then just sold something today...to a buyer with a 0 feedback score.

    I was sure I’d blocked non payers and zero feedbackers but eBay must have, in its infinite wisdom, decided to undo these settings.

  • And you need ID to pick up from a delivery office so he can't claim someone else nicked it

  • Recently been on a bit of a EBay spate, 21 items, good feedback, no problems. Just had buyer of some bars inform me they haven't turned up (2nd class, dispatched 25th Nov.). Sure package is in the mix somewhere, it was a odd-shaped box.

    In worst case scenario: Anybody done the compensation thing with Royal Mail, is it a PITA, can it be done online?

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