• Just sold an item, with a message from buyer asking to post to non-verified PayPal address, again. Why me.


  • Going through the most ridiculous process with a German eBay seller, just trying to buy some Weck jars, of all things. Paid for a listing of jars and seals/clips, received only the jars. Contacted them to ask if they could be sent separately, their response was "The rubber seals and clips are inside the jars!"


    So I opened an item not received case, which was closed quite swiftly because obviously tracking shows I received an item, fair enough. Appealed that, eventually phoned up and got the case changed to a return request, item significantly not as described, and the whole process of that has taken fucking ages. Eventually the return request went through. Throughout all this the seller's only response has been the same. They then sent me, outside of eBay, a dodgy seeming email that said it had attachments (none) and a shipping label. Like fuck am I paying to send it back to them. Then yesterday, absent any official communication from the seller, eBay closed the case in my favour and refunded me.

    Now this morning, I get a very threatening email from the seller, that Google translates as:

    "Paypal has paid the entire purchase amount unjustified back to you.
    We have asked to send the item back. Unfortunately, we could not place a shipping receipt until today.
    You have now received a first reminder to your bill. If the goods or the purchase amount does not reach us by 11/20/2017, we will make a further reminder and
    without further notice given to the operation of our foreign debt collection department.
    The processing of the collection will mean substantial additional costs for you. "

    So they can obviously jog on - if they're going to sell through eBay, they have to play by the rules -
    and I've submitted a complaint about them to eBay.

    My question is, how should I respond to them, if at all?

  • Add to spam folder + report to eBay.

    debt collector. Lol. How many did you buy? 3,000?

  • I know right? £20 worth of glassware, plus £12 shipping. fucken jokes m8

    Reported them to eBay this morning. Considering responding to outline why we were refunded, tell them they have (again) been reported to ebay, and state that if they follow through with their threats they will be reported to the police. But equally ignoring them would waste less of my not-very-precious time

  • By selling on Ebay they have to abide by eBay's decisions. They also admitted to you they didn't provide a returns label. So, on both counts they're at fault. Ignore ans forward any comms on to Ebay.

  • Sold an HRM to some guy last week before heading over to NY for 2 days for work. Posted on Monday morning, fly Monday afternoon, I get back on Friday morning to find the guy sent me a message on Wednesday afternoon saying it works fine on some apps but not on the main app he wants it to work with which says he needs to update his iPad to make it work. He doesn't want to update his iPad, so how can I get the HRM to work with his app without having to update his iPad.

    Obviously, I don't get the message until Friday morning because I am 5 hours behind in NY. By the time I see it he's claiming a refund because it's faulty as he can't make it work on his iPad because he doesn't want to update his iPad to make it work.

    WTF is wrong with some people? It's working perfectly, listed accurately, but he expects me to pay him to return it then go through the hassle of selling it again all because he doesn't want to update his iPad!

  • Lmao. What a cunt.

    eBay resolution is mental.
    I sold a phone listed as spares or repairs only. V clearly. Item description and condition.
    The motherfucker has got round eBay's returns policy saying it's not as described. It is. Its bruk meyt, clearly. Every message adds another couple of days for the emperor eBay to make its decision. I've offered a low refund to speed it up and have been told to wait till the 11th of Dec. The issue was raised 5th of Nov. PayPal has witheld 80 bar now for no fuckng reason and both sites are ignoring my protests.
    Don't buy shit if you don't know what you're doing! Fuck!
    And, eBay's app is shit, another sale is coming back because eBay listed it as new other when I clicked on "sell another" in the sellers page and it filled everything in for me!!!!

  • I'd avoid the hassle with a knob like that and agree to a refund (buyer to pay postage). Let's just hope it doesn't go missing when the buyer skimps on tracked P&P......

  • I do wonder if now is the time for a curated eBay clone that isn't completely fucking shit.

    I'd dance on eBays grave if someone took them on and beat them on lower fees and experience.

    The fees you pay to eBay and their bastard offspring PayPal are bonkers given the pure agony of using the service.

  • WTF is wrong with some people? It's working perfectly, listed accurately, but he expects me to pay him to return it then go through the hassle of selling it again all because he doesn't want to update his iPad!

    Don't forget you'll probably suck up eBay's fee too.

    Personally I'd tell him to get stuffed. What was the HRM cost? £15 or something? Probably worth writing to him stating clearly

    • that you think he's fucking bonkers and a cunt to boot (he is)
    • he can keep the blasted HRM
    • you won't respond to him again
  • The fees are a joke now. The two companies have seperated now I think so you get hit much more noticebly.

    Problem is brand power. Everyone knows ebay like they know google. Its even common lexicon in the way google has become.

    That being said theres a bidding war of oddballs on my headless mannequin right now I couldnt jave expected.

  • Problem is brand power. Everyone knows ebay like they know google. Its even common lexicon in the way google has become.

    Yeabut sellers want two things:

    Fair fees
    Slick experience

    eBay provides neither. It has the eyeballs, but it's also big, slow and seemingly stupid, and is under attack from all sides, including Facebook of all things. I reckon if someone had the balls they could give them a hammering.

  • The PayPal rate for currency conversion is also outright theft-it's mental that people ever use it.

  • The sellers can't accept payments right now. Contact them for help.

    Bought a set of xt pedals but the seller wil not accept my paypal payment ?

    Not had the problem before ?

  • This is a common scam on Amazon-they tell you their PayPal is locked then try and get you to send as another type of transfer outide the payment protection system.

  • Ok ta . Bin em off

  • Here is his reply

    Hi Pacef8,

    I’m so sorry about all this, I’ve been hearing this about all my items recently and have no idea why this error message is coming up. I’ve contacted eBay and PayPal and was told the issue was resolved. Go ahead and cancel the order as I appreciate its not a good situation to be in. Sorry again


    Hello pacef8

    We're sorry to let you know that sharifjame_0 cancelled your order and mentioned the reason as Buyer asked to cancel the order.

    You don't need to do anything else.

  • Sold a couple of items recently, and soon after buyer asks to cancel the sale giving lame excuses.

    Whats the scam here? Phishing for details?

  • Generally ebay favour buyers so although it sucks; the best thing for you is to just go along with it and keep them on side.
    If you force someone into completing, they could damage the item just out of spite and cost you more time and money.
    The possible scam is that you send them a cancel request, they email you to say ‘actually they will have the item’ and pay you.
    You ship the item and then they accept the cancellation request and get an automatic refund.
    I think this was fixed a few years ago but don’t know exactly how!
    Just beware if they change their mind, they have to officially ‘deny’ the cancellation.
    Otherwise they just accept the cancellation and all it costs you is time and annoyance of relisting.

  • In a spot of financial strife ATM so having to sell (a) bike in attempt to raise funds - Bidder (with good feedback) made best offer on BIN item which I accepted immediately and sent message to contact me to arrange pick up etc. No reply back in over 48hrs despite polite messages nor any payment. Even send a message giving an easy out saying "No hard feelings please contact me if you want to cancel purchase" but nothing.
    Don't want to pay any fees obviously so opened 'unpaid' case and have re-listed. Can I just cancel the sale saying 'buyer asked to cancel sale'? without eBay/PayPal taking their fees?

  • You can’t say ‘buyer asked to cancel’ because they didn’t and ebay will know.
    Your best bet is to raise an unpaid item claim (as I see you have already done) and assuming you still get no response or ultimately no money; you won’t end up paying fees.
    Unfortunately as with most things ebay, it won’t be a quick resolution.

  • As I thought, hence why I didn't -should be a cancel option of "Buyer not paid or made satisfactory communication within 48hrs of purchase."
    I read that if after 5 days of opening a case still no resolution I can cancel sale without penalty?

  • Yeah that’s your answer; just wait it out. In the mean time, the buyer can make contact and pay or ask you to change to a cancellation.
    Either way you will end up square with regard to fees.

  • Thank you, they are now saying 'just send the item'. I'll cancel and move on

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