• Yeah I had a look - I don't blame him for wanting to wait and he did let me know. Plus he just coughed up, so I feel bad saying he might be a twat now!

  • Can you open a claim through PayPal instead? It might close your eBay claim if you do but you'll be able to escalate and stuff with PayPal which you can't (I don't think) with eBay.

  • Sold a pair of shoes on Sunday. Pack then up and dispatch on Monday.

    Get home and realise I've sent the wrong bloody pair, so messaged the seller to apologise and I end the correct pair out the following morning. I also ask him to return the incorrect pair (or refuse on accept delivery - does that work?) and I'll sort him out a refund for the P&P and hassle.

    Now of course I haven't heard a peep from this guy now. Payment made via PayPal good & services and both pairs sent via Royal Mail Signed For service.

    What recourse do I have if I get no response at all and no return of the incorrect pair?

  • Bought an 853 MTB frame on ebay over a week ago. Was meant to be delivered last Tuesday but no frame and not a peep from the seller. Super frustrating as it was my size and a decent price.

  • Open a claim now.

    It'll either give the seller a kick up the arse, or get your money back more quickly, so you can spend it on something else!

  • Yep. Have done, When I bought it, I was pretty ambivalent. (don't really need another bike, haven't got the cash etc etc)

    Now it hasn't arrived I want it more than life itself.

  • I won an item over a week ago on ebay. The seller marked it as dispatched but it still hasn’t arrived. The eBay advert showed postage via Royal Mail 2nd class.

    I messaged the seller and they said this;

    “I received an email from eBay on Tuesday informing me that the parcel had left their shipping centre so it is on the way (I posted it to them last Friday).”

    This seems odd. Why would they of posted the item to Ebay? I’ve never had this happen before. A seller has always posted an item direct to my address.

  • Was this a non-UK seller? Could be that eBay Global Shipping Program thing, where they handle the shipping and customs for overseas sales.

  • No, sellers location is Lincoln. 292 feedback at 100% as well.

    I’ve just never heard of a seller doing this before.

  • This really sounds like the Global Shipping Program.

    Just ask the seller, it's either legit in which case it's a sensible query or its dodgy in which case, you want to find out asap.

  • I had listed a vintage gambler spud gun by lonestar . Black little thing that fired caps . Anyway it was 4.20 then ebay took it off saying it was a replica hand gun and wasn't allowed in there rules ! Nobbs .

    Someone in their office must be very young and nieve .

  • I received a set of wheels yesterday and the rear one was badly damaged, beyond repair. They were inexpensive, but sold as perfectly usable. I made contact with the seller who sold in good faith, yada, yada, yada, and has offered to refund the price (~£23) if I absorb the shipping cost (£8.95).

    Should I just take the offer or seek a full refund? If getting a full refund entails having to repackage the wheels and send them back, I'm inclined to say fuck it and get back what I can with minimal effort and I suppose I could sell the front wheel. On the other hand, why should I be out 2 pints of ale because some idiot thought it was ok to package wheels with two pieces of taped cardboard stuffed into a rubbish bag?

  • On the other hand, why should I be out 2 pints of ale because some idiot thought it was ok to package wheels with two pieces of taped cardboard stuffed into a rubbish bag?


    Full refund or GTFO.

    Has this been done informally so far? If so, be careful you're not time-barred from opening a case.

  • Paid via PayPal? If so, you can recoup the return shipping costs if the seller turns out to be a cunt.


    I've used this service about 10 times so far this year.

  • A victim of going for the cheapest option, I seem to have bought fake...wait for it...coffee filters.

    Who, the fuck, bothers their arse making fake coffee filters?

  • Just remember you have to ‘opt-in’ for this service.

  • I sold an item on ebay about 3 months ago as collection only - got paid but never collected.
    I've contacted the 'buyer' 3 times but apart from "apologies I'm so busy at the moment" the thing is still sitting here and I need the space .
    Whats the next step ?

  • Leave it outside and assume whoever takes it was them.

  • Or get them to pay for postage/courier.

  • "If you don't collect [thing] within [x] days I will bin | sell | bury | eat | ritually sacrifice [thing]."

  • There’s a tine limit for disputing transactions. Might be 90 days. Might be something totally different.

    If that time has elapsed then I’d forget about it and move on.

    I presume you’ve tried contacting the buyer?

  • It's 90 days for PayPal. After that the transaction can't be reversed or challenged.
    That said, it's 6 years (from memory) before property becomes yours legally and you are allowed to disposal/sell. Unless you're in Scotland then it's a lot less.

    Had this scenario with a bike that I sold. Buyer paid £1300 via PayPal then didn't collect for 6 months.
    In the end I mailed the buyer and said it'd be X for storage and would be backdated. It'd be mine by the end of that month by off setting storage charges against price paid and I'd be free to do as I wished. Suddenly he turned up - I'd moved house and county between so he got a suprise when he had to travel 100+ miles to collect!

  • It's 90 days for PayPal

    180 now.

  • We’ve temporarily restricted your account because you have used the eBay platform repeatedly to complete transactions outside of eBay. During this restriction period, you can’t send messages to other members. Please see the policy message from eBay to learn the duration of the restriction and what you need to do to follow the rule(s).


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