Lance Armstrong... greatest doper there was or ever will be

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  • And I wonder who ownes those shares.

  • He was worth $100 million by all accounts. He probably lost half of that in litigation.


    Still the reason I got into cycling.

  • The drugs? Me too.

  • It was a mistake, it led to a lot of other mistakes. It led to the most colossal meltdown in the history of sport. But I learned a lot

    That’s ok then

  • He’s probably not wrong but I don’t know enough about his competitors at that time to say who was clean or not and who would have won or not.
    I still like Lance. He got a generation interested in cycling.

  • "as young Americans, if we'd have gone to Europe and everybody was fighting with their fists, we still win"

    Good ol' American exceptionalism...

  • Couldn’t compete clean ...

    ... but would have won clean.

    “I promise”

  • He’s still a massive cunt. Led a doping arms race, and bullied those who opposed him.

    He can fuck off.

  • I think this has been resolved.

  • I am probably not the only one who would have to call bullshit.
    In one of the documentaries, there was a recollection of the first time Armstrong was visiting Ferrari and his VO2 max number were decidedly average. Aint no one with average VO2 number gonna done win no TDF.

  • lance-armstrong-id-have-won-the-tour-de-­france-if-everyone-was-clean

    This sort of bullshit takes an awful lot for granted. Disregarding the question of how good an "unimproved" Armstrong might have been, it is premised on a set of assumptions for which there is no reasonable foundation:

    1. Everybody alongside Armstrong on the Tour start line was doped
    2. They were all doping as effectively as Armstrong
    3. They were all as responsive to doping as Armstrong
    4. Nobody was missing from the start line because they refused to dope and therefore didn't get selected to race.
    5. Lance's team would have had the same resources as they accrued by getting away with cheating for years

    The only way we would get a true idea of who would have lined up on July 3rd 1999 at Le Puy du Fou would be for cycling to have been demonstrably entirely free from doping since 1979, since the selection, and self-selection, of athletes would have been influenced by doping or the absence thereof for two decades before the flag dropped on that prologue. I'm quite certain that we would have seen different riders, in different teams, with different levels of resource. Oh, and Boardman would have won the prologue, since he ended up 16s or less behind a string of dopers 🙂

  • He was practically marinating in insensitivity from the womb. Born into a rotten system, Armstrong stayed rotten. What emerges at the end of these four hours is the story not so much of a single bad apple as a profoundly bad batch

    This structural explanation for Armstrong’s wrongdoing sounds exculpatory, and to a degree it is.

    No. He's a cunt, it's not his parents fault, he doesn't need more attention

  • Saw this today, couldn't bring myself to finish the article. The narcissist.

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  • Amazing. No matter the situation, always manages to be a dreadful individual

  • Expected better from Reece, her discretion has always been a virtue I admire.

  • Agreed, they kind of deserve one another. Anybody who knows anything about Armstrong would know that's exactly how he would behave in a lap dance club without needing her to lower herself to his level.

  • There no such thing as bad publicity, and it's never been so accessible.

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Lance Armstrong... greatest doper there was or ever will be

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