Miche hub + standard sprocket

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  • My wheels with Miche hubs arrived and I think I want to stick my 17t sprocket on instead of the 18t that was there.

    The 18t looks like it's the miche cassette type sprocket. Can anyone tell me if i can use my standard 17t on this hub and are there any specials tools needed to remove that miche sprocket carrier thing?

  • From memory you can only use Miche cogs on the Miche carrier. They have little half-circle splines that need to be matched and then a lockring fitted as opposed to the cog threading on. You probably need to buy a Miche cog.

  • yeah that;s the case, so my question is the threading on the cog carrier the same as standard cog threading?

  • yup , the threads are the same, you need to keep the cog on to remove the carrier

  • To remove the Miche carrier, insert a sprocket into it and wind the lock ring down hand tight, leaving a slight gap, so its not tight, but the sprocket can't come off, like half a mil.
    Use a chain whip and turn the sprocket and carrier off in a anti-clockwise direction. Once they have budged you will need to gradually unwind the lockring in a clockwise manner. Usually it can all be done by hand when its loosened.

    If its a Miche 18T 1/8th, I'll have it so long as it isn't buggered. I got cash or parts to swap.

  • Thanks guys.

    I WAS waiting for your reply Tommo :)
    yeah that cog is in almost mint condition. I haven't got a lock ring tool yet, so I'll keep that on and see if I'm comfortable with the ratio.

    Coming down from 80 to 71 gear inches should be good (I can finally skid a lot more easily). i'll have to spin a lot faster.

    and i think because of you i want to get a whole new miche crankset i'll probably keep the 18 to pair it with a 49 chainring to replace my 48!

  • Cheers edmundane, no worries if you don't want to get rid of it. I'm slowly trying to buid up a collection of Miche rings and sprockets.
    Currently I ride 50:15 which people will tell me is rediculous, but I find it rather comfortable. When I can be bothered I want to put a 51 I have on the front.

    Yeah slowing is a struggle and trackstanding uses a huge ammount of energy, but its what I like and feel comfortable with. I have tried much lower ratios and find I spin out at relativly slow speeds. Even on rollers I can only muster a cadence of about 180rpm. I have no problem with providing the torque, so a high gear is the answer.

    I'm awaiting a barrage of comments calling me a weirdo now.

  • weirdo ;^)

  • me first..me ....me....90"???? wierdo!! ;-0

  • Just so that you know, Miche and Campag hubs use Italian threaded sprokects, most others use English. They are similar enough to be interchangeable, but they are not the same. The general rule is that you shouldn't swap between Italian and English threaded sprockets on a hub because it can apparently damage the threads after a while.

  • I thought it was just the lock rings which were different?!?

  • The sprocket threads are very slightly different, but the sprockets are interchangeable. The lockring threading is very different and lockrings are not interchangeable.

  • bloody italian threads, they should use our threads, Italians make stuff pritty our threads are best though

  • hmm what subtle differences... thats why i always ask you guys before trying anything. especially things with threads!!

    i'm quite happy with 18t now but the tyre clearance at the back under the seatstay bridge is less than 1mm on a well skidded tyre... when i get a new tyre i'll need to shell out for a miche 17t then.

  • Can't you add a link to your chain?

  • too lazy to go to brixton cycles and it's probably not easy to find a matching link (gold :))... might as well replace the whole chain in that case... and it's 48-18 i don't quite like it number-wise, was planning to get 17t anyway.

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Miche hub + standard sprocket

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