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  • Aren't they in USA? Don't really fancy importing them.

    I think I'm going to fit the 45s for peace of mind, can always put the 60s back on....

  • This is what 45s would look like.

    Think I'm Gonna do. Thanks for coming on this journey.

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  • That's plenty

  • Welcome to my world.
    Almost everything I buy in bike parts come from away, most clothing too.
    USA is often more expensive for me than EuroUKJapan.

  • It's done. 45s, look good.

    As a side note, the old ones, original with the bike before I owned it weighed a ton, saved over 500g!!

  • Weighing up mudguard options for a Fairlight Strael 3.0, running 32mm tyres.

    Kinesis Fend-Off 40mm -well priced, not great looking, no idea if any good?

    PDW 45mm - might be a touch too wide for frame and need trimming, not sure.

    Honjo Flat 42mm - could be best fit for bike and tyres, some chat about them cracking and needing an additional u-stay though.

    Velo Duo 40mm carbon - obscenely expensive but they look ace, might be just enough clearance for 32s, not sure whether you can add flaps to them though.

    Thoughts? Anything I've missed aside from SKS?

  • If you can get 45mm in your frame I'd go that way, maybe look at Velo Orange, hammered in black or silver, smooth in silver.

  • Good shout, hadn't really given hammered ones much thought. Will measure up and see if 45s fit.

  • Having used Honjo and Velo Orange in past, I really rate the PDW fenders now. Easy to setup (and adjustable), good coverage, especially with the optional leather flaps. Also rigid and reasonably priced.

    Honjos do look lovely, definalty the 'nicest' ones in terms of finish and looks, but worst for fidelling with.

  • I'm useless at fettling and fiddling, often give up with the simplest jobs and run to LBS so this is valuable intel! Think I'll pull the trigger on PDWs, 45s should fit and they're in stock at Condor, £85.

  • Anyone tried these:­s-bluemels-style-65-set-28-inch-black
    seem like a mix of normal sks and the "edge al" type

  • I've got the previous version of these on my salsa fargo, the bluemel 75 U. These are the same shape as the edge al, but made out of plastic. The stays and mounts are great, the same system as the edge al fenders. Really easy to adjust and super solid. The mudflaps do look a bit odd though. Apart from esthetics these newer SKS fenders are hard to beat.

  • Same dilemma for me.
    I phoned Fairlight and they say 45s will fit the Strael.
    Obviously I called after I'd bought a set of the 37mm ones...

  • PDW 45s arriving tomorrow, will report back at some point over the weekend.

  • I don't understand the new SKS Bluemels mount. I need to shorten the stays quite a bit but then the
    kink would end up inside the plastic mount adapter which doesn't work. Do I need to straighten them first?

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  • ok, turns out I had to cut beyond the kink but still a strange design.

  • Still think this design is crap, had to cut the stays quite a bit which made them meet the mount at a steep angle and the brackets popped open on the first ride.
    Instead of pre-bending the stays in a location that is nowhere near suitable for the wheel size they should come with mounts that accept the stays at the natural angle after they are cut. Or include some instructions how to bend them without a vice.

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  • Not a good design! Have had to mess about with them in a very limited capacity at work and they just feel really shit, cheap and flimsy.

  • I often get this feeling when installing mudguards, that there can't in anyway have been any real world test on installing them, on say 4 random bikes, that match the specification.

  • Hi all, quick question. I used threadlocker to secure my mudguards last year and just about to put the guards back on. Is it best to clean residue from old threadlocker out before reapplying?

  • Motto of this thread…

  • new PDW guards on my fairlight. 5x better than the flimsy bluemels i had on last winter. which is fine as they cost 5x bluemels

  • That front fork mount looks the wrong way around? Or is that a clearance thing? If you want to splash out another £20, I would recommend their leather flaps that replace the plastic ones. Offer more coverage and look a lot better (IMO).

  • how so? it can only go one way (see the drillings for the fixings) ... i could have the fork crown fixing bolt on the back of the fork but actually prefer a bit more coverage at the front to minimise spray onto the headtube

    will take a look at the leather flaps :-)

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