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  • @yoshy PM sent

    Has anyone fit a set of Raceblade longs over 28mm tyres? The spec says 25mm max. I'm looking for a solution for tight clearances under the brake and bridge for 28mm tyres.

  • Any leads on a nice mudguard that is matchy matchy for an Omnium with 20 inch front and 29 inch rear, to 55 mm wide tires?

    Am I stuck with shiny bluemels or $$$ Honjos?

  • I think Velo Orange is the only company that does Mudguard sets with a small front and large rear, however I think it might only be 26" rear.

  • Thanks! I reccon I might have to buy two full sets. And, VO are out of their 20”s.

  • Reckon I’ve got space for mudguards here?

    There’s about a 10mm gap from the crown to the tyre tread.

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  • There’s about a 10mm gap from the crown to the tyre tread.

    The problem is the guard won't have the same radius as the cut-out of the crown. So your 10mm is realistically not the room you actually have. It also doesn't help your wheel is not centered.

    The width between the fork legs might also be an issue. Have you measured this? You'd have to find mudguards narrow enough to fit in there. SKS's narrowest 700c mudguards are 35mm for example.

    I'm sure you can fit a guard in there, but it's going to be very tight.

  • As @Tijs has said, it'll be tight, get your wheel centred, then maybe you could fit a guard by cutting material away from the sides of the guard where it runs under the fork crown, so it just sits in that channel, then is full width fore and aft of it.

  • Good points, Think it’ll be more trouble that it’s worth. Basically seeing if I’ve got any threadless 1” forks that I can sub into a frame that currently has ample clearance for 35mm + guards.. want disc mount and threadless steerer too though :). Will explore other options.

    Thanks @jontea too!

    The wheel wasn’t secured in the fork and kept going slightly off centre sozz :s

  • If anyone is looking for cheap VO hammered 700 guards I have an unused set in the classifieds. PM if interested? Will eBay at weekend if not

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