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  • Black hammerd , I opened the packing
    Lined up front , but nothing cut or fitted

  • Bontrager.

  • Interesting! What width were the 650b guards originally?


    If I was being really picky I'd say they are a little too wide for the perfect look with 26x2" Marathon Supremes but extra coverage isn't the worst problem to have.

  • 58mm guards are definitely not too wide for 2" tyres. Borderline too narrow, if anything.

  • After modification the mudguards are 61mm wide and the mounted width of the tyres is 47mm.

    Also this is LFGSS - surely looks trump any kind of practicality...

  • Hard to say without a pic :)

  • Am I right in thinking the re-radiusing works because of the relationship between the length (tip-tip) of the metal in the centre of the cross-section, and the length of the metal at the edge of the cross-section?

    As far as I can tell, due to the slightly smaller overall radius of the mudguard at the edge of the cross-section, the length of metal is slightly shorter.
    If you pinch in the edges of the cross section, that shorter length of metal is at an even smaller overall mudguard radius, but it hasn't changed length, so it allows you to increase the overall mudguard radius.

    Badly worded braindump

  • Interested (2nd dibs?)

  • Pushing the cross section in, increases the side profile radius.
    I've been fucking around with different sets all this time. Don't know if repeat adjusts will cause issues. But I fit my 650/50mm perfectly around my 700/38 tyres.

    It fatigues the metal the more you do it, often resulting in a sudden compliance that gives you a nice kink in the fender. Not the end of the world, but can definitely compromise a clean aesthetic.

  • Going to pass, looking for the smooth ones. @MCamb all yours

  • Does anyone ever tried these if they’re works on vo mudguards?

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  • On
    I lied,

  • Long shot but does anyone have a spare PDW front guard? Don't need any fixings. I have repaired mine but the bodge has given me rizla clearances. Cheers!

  • Sim Works....are they worth the money? Thinking of these over the VO but i cannot justify them. Also? Whats the best size to go over a 700x50 Gravel King?

  • Simworks/honjo and GB guards are better finished and feel more solid than VO, in my experience. They all work fine.

  • So would you say VO rattle? Obvs fitted correctly but flimsy stays? I have some SKS and compares to my Bontragers, out of the saddle means they tend to brush the tyres occasionally.....does my tits in

  • After a couple hours fitting the front sks longboard mudguard I just realised I used the wrong stays and it all has to come back apart.... Moral of the story read instructions.

  • More of a rant than anything, but quite appropriate to this thread.

    Was riding around Richmond Park this morning and I couldn’t believe the amount of cyclist with no mudguards on their super expensive bike riding their bike like they have taken it off road. More importantly they have that horrible brown patch running up their back side too.

    Not to mention getting their spray when getting overtaken too.

    Long story short, people in the UK we don’t have the luxury of sunny and dry weather all the time of the year. Be a consider sod and put some mudguards/fenders on your bike to protect your bike and your fellow riders.

    Rant over.

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