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  • RAW Mudflaps!!!!

    Super local based in Dulwich. Delivery on mine took a couple of days. Nice and flexible but will still take a beating

  • Cheers.

    Have ordered a pair.

  • hi all, I've got a set of the 30mm PDW but I have more room in the frame they were mounted on and want to find something as good that will allow me to fit 27mm tyres and keep the ultegra 6700 calipers I have - anyone have a set of the 37mm PDW they'd part with?

    Why did I not think of this before... That's my evening sorted.

  • With the proliferation of off-road touring and gravel/all-road/any-road/road-plus/adven­ture/quiver-killer bikes, we have started including a pair reinforcement plates in all of our alloy fender sets. Just peel and stick it under the screw during installation - one under the seatstay bridge and one under the fork crown.

    gaahhhhhhh this is what I need - the screw at the seatstay bridge on my SKS bluemels has gone right through the guard. I've (temporarily) improvised one of these reinforcing plate/washers using an old tube

  • I've a few spare, Pm me.

  • Any thin washer will do, as you tighten things up it will bend to fit the profile of the fender.

  • I did this (they still cracked after about a year). They were given a tough time on crappy roads and a few tracks.

    These new plates should have been specified all along.

  • Also put one on the chain stay mount. Just drill a lower hole in the plate, another weak point.

  • Sorry, the fender or the washer cracked?
    Ultra thin washers work best for me.
    I should add that these days I'm using plastic fenders exclusively.

  • Or could get these for a slight charge

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  • The fender itself cracked.

    I agree big and quite thin makes sense to spread the load.

  • these days I'm using plastic fenders exclusively.


    No pun intended.

  • Although ... I reckon carbon is probably the ultimate mudguard material.

  • Looking for some black 45mm guards
    I’ve had pdw in past but thinking
    Vo or Sim works as prefer round profile
    Any one fitted both & any thoughts

  • I don’t quite follow this. There’s the cross-section radius and the side-profile radius.

    So what does increasing the cross-section radius do to the side-profile radius?

  • I can't quite work out how it works but it does. I resized 650b guards to fit 26x2", fairly straight forward and doesn't take much adjustment of the cross-section to change the radius the correct amount.

  • Yeah I remember you mentioning this to me before…so what do I do to the cross-section radius to increase the side-profile radius?

  • Pinch it to form a narrower U shape.

    Lots of small and even tweaks around the full length of the mudguard is what you're aiming for. Pinching carefully by hand would probably work fine, alternatively some kind of set up with a vice/clamp might give you more controlled results (this might be be overthinking it though)

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  • Pushing the cross section in, increases the side profile radius.
    I've been fucking around with different sets all this time. Don't know if repeat adjusts will cause issues. But I fit my 650/50mm perfectly around my 700/38 tyres.

  • Thanks. Got it.

  • Looking for some black 45mm guards

    I’ve had pdw in past but thinking
    Vo or Sim works as prefer round profile
    Any one fitted both & any thoughts

    Both are very nice. The VO will certainly be a bit easier to install as they come pre-drilled for the stay mounting draw bolt. VO will be cheaper. However the finish on the Honjo Simworks can't be beaten.

  • Thanks
    I purchased some VO 45mm guards in black , but stays give toe overlap on the front
    So back to PDW
    Any one need any VO 45mm

  • What finish are they?

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