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  • Thanks, I knew there was something - that flute thing should work.

    I should have said that's not my bike in the pic - just an example I found after googling. Fear not, mine will have flaps.

  • Front mount question -
    The mounting hole for the front guard is at the rear of the fork. This means the mudguard is around 8cm to far back using the riveted bridge. Is there any reason no to take a universal bridge generally used on the rear and use on the front instead?

  • Can't see why not, have the same issue, but I just drilled a new hole. With the original one just hidden under the front of the fork and taped

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  • I managed to lose one of these little nut things while fitting some SKS Bluemels today. Does anybody happen to know where I can buy something similar? Preferably without having to buy the whole set of SKS spares for £££

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  • SJS has very good stock of mudguard spares. You may be able to get those individually. Or try your local bike shop who may find one in a tool drawer.

  • If you're in london Clever Mike has a ton of SKS spares

  • That SJS link looks like exactly what I want, thanks @freezing77.

    Also thanks to everybody else who made suggestions

  • Thinking of adding a set of mudguards on a bike.

    Would a set of SKS Bluemels 35 or Longboards fit here?

    Brake reach is approx. 50mm c-c and the distance from tire til underside of the "bridge" is 10mm with Conti GP4000 28mm

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  • Would a set of SKS Bluemels 35 fit here?

    yeah but will the brake caliper clear it?

  • Not sure

    Found this comparison and the Shimano R650 seem nice and roomy, if I can find a pair.

  • Get a measuring caliper and check, I have a mid reach frame I can check the measurements against. I went from TRP to Velo Orange as the 'curve' in caliper is more guard friendly. Shimano has same shape as VO I think.

  • Just put some RAW flaps on the winter bike. They came drilled perfectly for PDW’s. Seem sturdy enough and should hopefully keep my buddies happy in the lanes!

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  • My current ride buddy doesn’t have guards and I have your setup. I even said “oh look you’ve got mount there for a mudguard” did nothing. I come home like I’ve been in a cyclocross race. He could wear his kit the next day.

  • We need to start a flapping revolution !

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