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  • Honjos. Very rigid, single stay, excellent coverage.

  • this is mega!

  • As B+M seem to make less shiny/poncey versions of the the stuff they make for SON, it seems likely this will fit like the SON one. The bottom of it has a curve and fixing designed to mount on the guard, at about 10 oclock if you’re facing the wheel on the drive side.

    Perhaps the lower bit of housing (which is different from the SON one) has a fixing too, but the SON one requires two holes, 4 or 5mm iirc. One centred for a bolt to fix it, the other to one side is to route a cable through and along the inside of the guard.

  • Thanks, I did a bit more digging and found that the B +M is for ebike. So it's expected DC volt and won't work on the Dyno. I still have the B+M secular plus attached to my PDW. But the issue is the z bracket keeps breaking and just had enough of that, and 23mm. So the plan is to switch to velo orange black smooth guard and mount a new light to that. But still working out what light and guard combo will work.

  • Ah ok.

    Well the light position of that looks similar to the SON one I linked. Hard to break it where it is, as it’s not low down like the secula. I really rate mine.

  • What am I doing wrong here? The plastic clip to attach my SKS Bleumels at the brake bridge is too chunky to fit under the brake bridge itself and if I have it facing the other way, whenever I pull the brake it squeezes the clip which squeezes the mudguard.

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  • Also, dear SKS, what's the point in including fitting instructions if you miss our several important steps?

  • Just go for a classic version of the top line. And drill holes on mudguards and bolt them with a washer. Like i've done on my audax bike. If your mudguards are wide you can even bolt it horizontally with a small bracket.

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  • Looks nice I've done the same on my PDW. What mudguard are you using? It's the size of mudguard which has limited me to 23mm on PDW. Did have 25mm but they rub a little when grinding up the hill. Would like to go back to 25mm or 28mm as 23mm seems to make the bike vibrant more.

  • Put it on the trailing edge? If that doesn't work, I rarely use those clips anyway and either diy an alu or steel clip or buy something that will work (google corner brace).
    And replace that cable.

  • I generally bin the clips and drill two holes in the mudguard, and thread a cable tie through and round the brake bolt.
    This is better especially if you are a bit tight for clearance as you can get the mudguard as high as possible.

  • I was just looking at the pics of your Tripster a few pages back - just wanted to ask what size frame it is? I want to pick up that same Restrap frame bag, but dimensions on their site make it sound like it may not fit. Mines as 55.5

  • 54, the standard large frame bag is just too long for it so got a custom one made up.
    How much longer top tube is the 55.5?

  • The 55.5 is one cm longer on the top tube length.

    I hadn't considered a custom option, but a good idea.

  • Thanks for the cable tie bodge, I have bleumels on my bike and had the same problem as @ltc , cut the kit bracket down, but was never entirely happy with the result as it was more flexible, 2 3mm holes drilled, 1 cable tie round the brake caliper bolt, result, rock solid mudguard fitment.

  • Inner length of my TT is 49. Don't still have the standard bag to measure, but restrap state it's 50 long. So you might be ok.

  • I’ll pick one up and see. Cheers

  • Calling all mudguard gods... is there such a thing/attachment to fit guards to a direct mount rim brake bike??

    Currently have PDW’s sat on my old bike but wanted to move them over. Or get some new ones

  • Photos would be helpful

  • Hopefully this will be helpful to some folks. A scan of the 2016 Honjo Catalogue . Useful for shapes and dimensions ahead of ordering.

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  • Anyone know of a UK stockist of Simworks flat 65 mudguards for 650b tyres?­ks-by-honjo/products/flat-65

    Freshtripe have them but only in 29er size:­o-flat-65mm-mudguards/

  • You could try one of these? They used to be supplied with the guards until SKS moved to the bulkier plastic clips. The profile is pretty much exactly the same as the guard so you should avoid problems with the brake and also with reversing the mounting direction.­5-p45-sks-bluemels-rear-mudguard-bridge-­each/

  • Anyone know of a UK stockist of Simworks flat 65 mudguards for 650b tyres?

    Freshstripe are your best bet. I just placed an order with them for simworks stuff that they don't have on their site. I think it takes a couple weeks for stuff to come in.

    I just ordered some of the Flat 42s for my Isen

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