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  • Thanks- sounds like I would be shivering in despair by the side of a road. For that reason I’m out.

  • Don’t go! Good mudguards are worth it 💁

  • Mudguards should be on every bike.

    I think I've got them on almost all my bikes. Cannondale Slate is hard as it has a lefty fork.

    EDIT: I do need guards for my Kinesis Tripster for winter audax use. Any advice on something that'll look good on that frame with clearance for 30-38mm tyres?

  • Something around 45mm probably, I had sks and pdw at that size on my surly over 35 and 38c tyres and they worked nicely

  • It's really not so bad. You've punctured - the tyre is flat anyway so the wheel comes out easily. Just remember not to fully pump up the tyre before you've put it back in.

  • Cheers.

    I have those 45mm ones on my ISEN with 30 mm G-one speed tyres. I'd be surprised if you could get such a big tyre under it, but worth a try.

    Otherwise maybe a bit ugly for the frame, but I do have a set of Velo Orange hammered 45mm in the parts box.

  • Maybe it's just good cross-check clearance making it possible, but it definitely worked well:­

    I think @Neddos has the same tyres (voyager hyper) under sks 45mm guards on his cdf at the moment too

  • 45mm Longboards

  • Just installed Raceblade Long mudguards on my new-to-me Cannondale. Excited to put them to the test. Rain in the forecast all week so should have no trouble finding an opportunity.

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  • I know the winter season is soon over, but anyone used these yet?

  • Long


  • Which full length mudguards (SKS) would I need for 27.5 x 2.0 for my pine mountain?

  • I've got pdw fenders for 650b, has anyone used similar 650b mudguards but for 700c wheels, and if so what's the wider tyre you've fitted under your guards? Don't fancy splurging on 700c guards if I don't have to

  • I've got some velo orange Zeppelins (52mm) with panaracer 38s, I might switch them for the 45s I have which just clear 38s.
    Issue with the Tripster is the fork has a mounting hole at the rear of the fork which means getting a good close fit pushes the front of the fender up. I've had to put two layers of foam padding to push it down a bit.

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  • Drill a hole at the front of the mudguard and add an extra strut to mid fork mounts if you have them (or bottom of the fork, or even P clips)

    Will keep the shape and also keep them more secure!

  • Thanks for the tips.

    It looks like I have an older version of the tripster with a mounting mount on the front of the fork too. I've got a dynamo light there.

    Is yours one with a columbus fork?

    This video shows some techniques for getting right Kevin Fender-Line.

  • Yeah Columbus fork. Meant I had to mount my dyno light off the stem.
    Think the 45mm should have a tighter radius. Fit the 38s better. Maybe.

  • Got new wheels / tyres on the winter bike and I think they allow more volume in the tyre so now I've spent a couple of hours trying to fettle my SKS chromoplastics so they have enough clearance around the rear caliper (they were a tight but solid clearance with the old wheelset). After failing at the nth attempt then swearing and storming off I thought I would seek views...

    So my question is this - are PDW guards better for tighter clearances than SKS? They seem to have less side coverage which might create a bit more wriggle room maybe - and stiffer so might need less faffing with curvature... anyone with any experience of both who could help?

    (700c wheels and 25mm tyres)

    What did you do?

  • Just chop or file a section out of your SKS guards where it touches the brake caliper.

    Who can report on success with this?

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