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  • 5l bottle of washing up liquid/whatever fluid you have finished with. The big squarer ones are good as they have nice big flat sides to cut into long, wide, all-covering flaps.

  • Large plant pots cut down - they’ve got the radius too.

  • Prada handbags

  • The sides of plastic bike box.

  • I went for leather as it's not too rigid.
    I've caught the front flap on my longboards a few times on kerbs / steps etc. so wanted something with a bit of give rather than hard plastic.
    leather offcuts were cheap from a local cobblers

  • Fitted a set of longboards to a Peugeot frame - the front/end of the front mudguard sits really high and won't come down anymore. Any recommendations?

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  • Think you need to rotate the mudguard clockwise a little and push the mount closer to the fork crown

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  • Was gonna say similar. Bend the l bracket back a bit more, and put it on the front of the fork to get the forward rotation.

  • Also you might wanna put the bracket in front of the crown (if that's possible). At the moment I think you'll run into problems when going off curbs for example, with the front guard being so close to the ground.

  • Because you have a big gap up there and the rest of the mudguard close to the tire, try to find a way to make it keep the same gap all round.

  • Anybody using Schwalbe g one 700x35 under Berthoud 40mm ?
    I would use 50mm gladly as I ride a fair bit off road,
    but I haven't got enough room around the chain stays.

  • Grab a Dremel and cut to shape round the stays, provided there's enough space for 50mm guards elsewhere

  • I ve got 8mm each side of the tyre,
    stays are chunky carbon things,
    I might as well cut them off ?

  • Yeah just cut the chainstays off

  • Sorry ,
    I went foraging for mushrooms this afternoon, bit knackered.

    It s the mudguard I could cut off ,
    just leaving enough to bolt them to the frame.

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  • Tried this, LBS said it was impossible

  • Contacted Berthoud ,
    they said :
    go for 50mm.

  • I used some of this, 3mm thickness (I think).

  • anyone knows more of european brands like velo orange to have fenders alu/stainless? Berthoud, any more?

  • Stronglight R Light? They're a bit like Curana.

  • Dia compe, pelago, veloci? All available through­er_s2
    Personally I only have experience with a set from Velo Orange.

  • 35mm SKS mudguard over a 42mm Marathon Supreme tyre - how much spray is gonna still fly out the back of the bike? Most comes from the centre of the tyre right so it should prevent most spray or am I dreaming?
    If it does turn out to be sub-optimal I might put the 42mm on the front wheel and put the 35mm on the back. #alwaysuphill

  • Only have experience with the 26x2.0 version, can confirm that almost all spray is coming from the centre.
    Don’t know why, but there always was a lot of spray with these tires.

  • Looks like I might struggle a bit with height away from the tyre but will need a proper test fit tomorrow.

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