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  • On the other hand SKS are plenty solid and a fair bit cheaper than GB. And they give you new ones for free if they snap.

  • How dare you not supporting the economy of La Mère Patrie.

  • And they give you new ones for free if they snap.

    [citation needed]

  • Thaks, those look great. I though good mudguards would be more expensive than that.

  • Mounting solution for a front fork with a rack eyelet but not mudguard eyelet? Its also a track axle, have already got a pair of SKS Bluemels so will need to work with that.

    Bought a pinnacle dolomite singlespeed and overlooked the fact that there was no mudguard eyelet.

    Will a P clip suffice or do they not come wide enough? Fork is about 7cm dia.

  • How do you mean a rack eyelet but not mudguard eyelet?

    If it's mid fork on a carbon fork people often use those for mudgyards to keep the stays away from discs etc and you actually shouldn't use them for racks. you just have to bend the stays a bit.

  • Sorry, new to all this bike with mounts shit. So yeah its a aluminium fork which has a mid mount which I presumed would be for a rack, but there isn't any down by the dropouts which is where it seems the stays are meant to go. (picture attached)

    Ok fair enough! Think it should work if I bend them and cut them down to suit.


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  • Yee bet you can put mudguards onto that, keeps it away from the calliper. Can probs put a rack on too if it's Alu.

  • Yeah, think I just have to cut my stays down a bit to make it work! Cheers for the help

  • Can probs put a rack on too if it's Alu.

    I don't think that fork leg is designed to have a load going across the leg at that point. It's just for guards.

  • I drilled a hole much further up to sort this. Was perfect afterwards!

  • No way, I think I‘ll get a front rack instead to fix the front mudguard, that it isn’t so floppy! €35! People buy a set of mudguards for that amount of euros!

    Or would it be too complicated to order a pair, and share one of the stays with one who needs it too? 60mm black?

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  • I don't understand what is dangerous here?

  • Don’t know too, Clément from GB wrote me that - but since then I saw several fenders mounted like that on stock bikes. Aren’t Curana also mounted like that?

  • They have probably designed the curvature with the stay mounted on the outside. Mounting it inside may leave insufficient (safe) clearance. Standard issue caveat - 'we didn't design it like that'.

  • Guard of choice for 650b x 2.4” with a bit of mud clearance? Pref plastic and practical over sleek and shiny..

  • Considering mudguards for my Mr Pink. Looking at Bluemels (budget option), or VO hammered (the fook it, it's only money option). Obviously one is plastic, the other metal, but is their any real reason to spend the extra £40 odd on the VOs?

  • Maybe the time you spend to mount them and how long they will stay there justify the extra cost.

  • Why, are the VOs easy to mount?

  • I see people recommending 26" guards for 650b. Any reason when GB aslo do a 650b guard?

  • I don’t know which are easier, but I thought that maybe both options aren’t done in half an hour so money isn’t thrown away.

  • Ah, I see. I suppose if I look at them as an investment, the VOs are probably going to last a lot longer, and as time/usage makes things cheaper, why not.

  • Why VO over GB though? Unless you're really keen on the hammered look, then you should go for Honjos.

  • Like the hammered look. Honjos are even more spendy. Food for thought though, cheers.

  • Instead of Bluemels why not the SKS Longboard in 45mm? Just mounted a set myself and while it was a bit fiddly I expect any sort of mudguard installation to be similar. For that price point (22,99€ at bike24) the (visual ... it didn't rain yet) coverage, especially at the front wheel, seems to be excellent. Currently running some 32c Vittoria Zaffiros.

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