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  • Have you tried rotating the fender forward?

  • I think this is probably the best solution. Will require drilling the guard myself, though. Annoyingly the mount on the seat tube is about halfway up. Most bikes I've seen have the mount close to the BB

  • Good luck, your bb is more important than than the rider behind you :)

  • No, that's definitely for the mudguard. The mount on the ST might not be ideal, but it doesn't mean you should use the pre-drilled hole at the bottom of your guard.

  • Had received a pair of plastic SKS bluemels with the rear bent around the chainstay bridge mounting point, and the website is sending out another part. Would it be possible to re-shape the damaged ones with a heat gun or something similar or is it impossible? Would be nice as it would mean two pair for the price of one

  • Can give it a go, I guess it might end up more brittle but I am not a materials scientist. Depends on what you mean by bent I suppose. Post a pic.

  • Here:

    These are not great pictures but did not want to unpack before having confirmation that they will send a new pair (which is what they are about to). I believe this is the only area bent, around the chainstay fixing end

  • Suck it and see. You never know. But personally I wouldn't bother for the benefit of having 1 extra mudguard blade, with no fixings or matching blade for the other wheel.

    Surprised that's happened tbh. I've folded SKS mudguards in via cack handedness and they normally just..spring back to shape.

  • I probably explained poorly but the website where I purchased the mudguards after explaining the problem told me that they will re-send a whole set (not just the rear blade) which is why I figured it would be a shame to bin a set of mudguards just for a damage on one blade.
    Now that you tell that, this is really weird as they are supposed to be plastic (advertised as such) and they are bent like metal guards so they might even be alu ones, did not check as I did not unwrap. Will double check! if so it will definitely be worth trying

  • If you snap one in half you'll see they have an aluminium core that adds some stiffness. The plastic 'wings' that stop water coming out at the side have no metal, so you just need to bend the metal core back to shape. Softening the plastic won't hurt, but I don't think it's strictly necessary.

  • Installing on two bikes mudguards, lots of 'fun' – can recommend a set like these:­se-Tapping-Washers-Assortment/dp/B07G1B2­BJW/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=NINDEJIN&qid=15­67496285&s=gateway&sr=8-16&th=1

    Also who has experience with Gilles Bertouhd fenders? I re-drilled the holes from the fender stays because they didn't fit. I think would be better if they don't deliver the fenders drilled at all (for example on the back one I would set the fender stays on a different position).

  • IIRC GB used to come undrilled from resellers, and I think are still available undrilled from GB themselves. This info may now be too late for you.

  • Hm, yes, too late, I haven't found an option on the GB shop (got the [black 26" long] set directly there). It isn't that big deal, fits also good now.

    On the plus side: they just look awesome, and the size is perfect. Not so good: the fender stays holes could fit better to the fenders holes (fixed and drilled); the hardware bolts may be A2 steel, but I used other ones; some of the washers are too big for my taste; as mentioned in the shop no l-bracket included.

  • Ha, it’s always a voyage of discovery fitting guards.

    I’m about to try to second stays to some 26x60mms, as I find the flex on rough ground a bit sloppy. TBF I’ve never been convinced that single stayed mudguards are much cop. Would love a steel guard manufacturer to do a double-stay version - I guess the trick would be a new paired grip-clip thing at the boss.

    I’m going to double up with the single clips. Rear will attach to rack, front will be vertical to support long front extension (and possibly support light there).

  • Not rode the bike yet with the fenders mounted, but I did already think about the flex – and definitely needed to use a l-bracket mounted on the rear brake thread of the frame, to get the fender higher and especially more round like the tyre.

    Good idea to use two stays! Hm, maybe I'll add also a second pair on both, need to have a look where to mount it on the frame.

  • My GB came undrilled (that was years ago mind). Hours of fun fitting them (I outsourced obviously, the mechanic hated me for it). I can't wait to need a pair next.
    On the plus side they are really something else quality and covering-wise compared to SKS.

  • Oh yes, I also have 2 pairs of SKS, one new to be installed, and it is just some plastics – but more small parts are delivered with them. On a daily basis they are totally enough though.

    The GB are just nicer, and I just like to touch them. Some parts are missing, maybe I will even go down to 2.15 tyre (now 2.35) on the back. Now the fender is a little bit too high, with only some pencil in between before I'll drill the hole at the brake thread.

  • OK, in the end it worked out, and in comparison to the Bluemels the GB are really great. In the front I'll add stays on the front here – don't know what for I would need that eyelet down there?

    On the back it is very sturdy, I mounted the stays inside that I don't have to go around the tubes on that short distance:

    Noice, had to make a cutout for the chain:

    60mm fenders with 2.3" tyres, also having no idea about cables on a bike:

  • that looks like a lovely build! any full pics?

  • Oh thanks, here's a full pic, even with a dog:

  • Mudguards for 650b X 47/48, what do people use?

    Belatedly, but I've just fitted a pair of these and think they're brilliant. Might be a bit narrow on the coverage unfortunately­b-mudguard-set-EV327735

  • Important info: "The seatstay on the rear fender is made to be on the outside too though, it is quite dangerous and not appropriate to mount it like this on the inside of the fender."

    Just that noone copies the 'HACK' on the rear fender above and crashes!

  • Please excuse my ignorance, i am suer this question has been asked many times. I have 42mm gravel kings on my cross bike, i am looking for an inexpensive guard with as much coverage as i can get. I have plenty of room in the fork and about 5mm or more clearance on each side on the rear.

    Any suggestions as to what guard to go for?


  • Cheap mudguards break. Get some Berthoud in 50mm from SJS.

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