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  • Theoretically, yes, but they're a right faff to use in practice. I ended up replacing them with P-clips on the searstays. Worked much better.

  • Because p-clips or cable ties are cheaper? Also, if you use the PDW style you have to remove the qr skewer if you want to take the wheel off.

  • Guessing there's a reason some-one hasn't done this before, though.

    They have. I have a set of “axle runners” nothing PDW specific about those. But yes you have to completely remove your skewer to remove the wheel. Not really a hassle considering how often most people have to remove wheels.

  • But yes you have to completely remove your skewer to remove the wheel

    Cheap ghetto thru axles!

  • Guys, I need an advice.
    I'm looking for renders for my commuter, which will be running 650b x 42c tires. I want something not too expensive, I like Bluemels on my other bike. What can you recommend, and what size should I look for? Sth like 26" 53mm would fit?

  • Did you get those big mudguards fitted? I wouldn’t mind seeing a pic of the coverage if you did

  • Yes I did. But I've switched to 29x2 tyres since. Rear only covers half of the wheel, front is just marginally better. I'll take some pics this weekend.
    I don't recommend these guards and will be switching to something else. I guess by cheap by twice applies here.

  • That’s a shame. I might go for the pletscher then but they’re expensive and hard to find

  • Will raceblades fit flared seat stays like this?

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  • The new ones with beefy Velcro? Yes.

    I've had some on a caad 5 with curvy stays. They need replacing now as the Velcro is mashed. If you use them a lot and take them on and off plenty, they maybe only have a year or so in them before needing replacing.

  • Wet season started, my SKS Raceblade Pro XL mudguards fit very close to the now 40mm Gravelkings - any recommendations for longer clip on mudguards?

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  • 3 hours of fumbling with nuts bolts washers but the matt guards are on . Effin horrid job

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  • It gets easier.
    Just kidding.

  • What width / size mudguards for 1.75 x 650b?

    Don’t want to spend a lot of money, £30 being the upper limit. I prefer metal but yeah.. bluemels more realistic at that price :)

  • any recommendations for longer clip on mudguards?

    Say 'no' to clip-on mudguards!

  • Bluemels for £16 over at SPA;­Bluemels-Mudguards

    Also, is there anything to rival SKS longboards in the £30 or under price bracket? Or anything that's not too much more I should consider? I want fit max protection and fit&forget for winter mile muncher / commuter.

  • Fitting 53mm bluemels to a 90s Marin over here -­26/ - rear frame bridge had a threaded boss on the underside but bolt was corroded, stripped and stuck inside. I have broken all my drill bits trying to drill it out. SKS supplies a plastic bridge which looks shithouse and the rear hole on the frame bridge is (for some weird reason) not central. Im thinking either needle file the rear hole sideways so i can mount either the plastic bridge (or steel replacement) central. Or drill 2 or 4 small holes in underside of guard and ziptie to rear bridge ?
    Whadda I do !?

  • Drill those two holes (or even just one) in the fender and use a piece of alu to make your own bridge (for the two hole option) or just use a small p-clamp for the single hole.

  • Need guards to make my Surly 1x1 into a winter friendly commuter. Tempted by the Bluemels at £16 from Spa, next best option would be Gilles Berthoud stainless steel ones I guess. GBs would be longer(?), stronger and prettier but then they're 60mm compared to the 65mm Bluemels and I want to go with 2.2" tyres I think plus more expensive plus would mean buying from the dreaded PracticalCycles...

    65mm Bluemels will fit over 2.2 Racekings?

    Is front coverage on Bluemels alright? Just factor in having to also fit a large flap?

  • I’m running 65mm Bluemels on 2.35 big apples, work a treat. Front coverage is fine so far - have only ended up with wet feet when going through extremely deep puddles and I wonder how much flaps would ameliorate that anyway (I’m planning to install flaps to find out)

  • 65mm Bluemels will fit over 2.2 Racekings?

    should do, I have 2.35 g one speeds under mine

  • If you can use 26 inch mudguards I've been impressed by the flinger deluxe ones I've used. Nice rubber flaps, beefy stays and they come with the stays already locktite bolted to the guards so you just have to loosen and adjust rather than doing the fiddly thing with the eyelet bolts. Can get them from sjs

  • Yes winner! one hole, one p-clip, one mysterious (perfect) wafer head bolt (dome with a washer like flange), one nylock, one wrap of self amalgamating tape +3 hrs of excessive swearing...

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