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  • here is my part time mud guard...bit ugly but it does the job.

  • You have got to have alot of bottle to ride around with that!

  • Keep a lid on those puns, xroads

  • durm tishhhhh he's ear all week.....take my mother please take her

  • hippy Clip on 'rat tail' guards on the seatpost help stop the brownarselook.. the rest of me just gets wet.

    brownarselook ? no if its raining I wear my bag little bit lower to get the brownbag effect. Which wipes off.
    rest gets wet. But who of you pencil and pixel pushers do NOT get changed in the office ?

    When I deliver myself in the mornings. I am sweating like a German trying to tell a joke !
    I tried to go slow, but it just does not happen.I NEED TO GET CHANGED anyway
    Hippie , are you sitting at your desk in full lycra, I bet even your mouse pad is lycra ?

  • brown arse look.. black/brown strip up your backside from spray off the rear wheel..

    Everything I own is lycra.. even this laptop..

    No, I change at work but I prefer not to have the black strip up my back. My bag isn't as water proof as I'd like either so the less water on it the better.

  • i never use mudguards, settle for the wet arse, usually sweating like feck, when i cool down, change my top, the shorts dry out pretty quick as i am a printer, so i am running around a press all day..

  • ummm hippy in lycra

    hes like the man with the midas touch, everything he lays a finger on turns to lycra!

    i dont think im going to get wet at all this winter thanks to my scot-grow-bag-giant-waterproof-blanket hugging my back

  • does any of you wrong'uns know of a shop in london town that sells race blades??

  • cyclesurgery

  • Evans Spitalfields. and the rest possibly?
    I ordered online to save a fiver.. oooh yeah!

  • I ordered a CycraGuard MTB from for £12.99 including delivery.

    Very happy with it so far. Easy to take on and off. A little heavy, but not too bad. Haven't found anything for the front yet as I don't have too much clearance.

  • Looks sturdy.

  • just get proper mudguards and stop moaning. They look much better than all this clip on rubbish and they keep the crap off your bike, saddle and clothes.
    If you want carbon fibre looks go for the SKF carbon fibre effect ones, they look pretty good, even close up and they work. Unlike raceblades which wobble, don't protect you from the wet very well and scratch your paint.

  • +1... during British Wintertime... clearances permitting.

  • BringMeMyFix clearances permitting.

    That is the difficulty with many frames.

  • Here's my rear mudguard. Its actually the front mudguard mounted on the rear (Raleigh AMG310 mudguard pair for £13). Added a bit of reflective tape to rear for extra visibility. The rear supplied mudguard looked dam ugly, wheres this mudguard fits round the wheel better. No more wet backsides!

  • For the front I bought this mudcatcher from Wilko for 2 quid. Easily removable for nice days, and stops road spray on the rider. My bike is vain, it just didnt like the look of full mudguards on it.

  • I had a pug frame exactly like that.

    it's got fuckin mudguard eyes FFS!

    I used full guards and it got me through last winter no trouble

  • Yeah its a sweet BBT frame (FGG#6335). Like I said RPM, my bike is vain, it just cant be seen in full mudguards :-)

  • you know what, IMO they look better with proper full mudguards ;)

    your inventiveness may give ideas to people who's bikes haven't the clearances.

    I was going to hunt out my old crudcatcher for my bike but decided to get wet instead

  • RPM I had a pug frame exactly like that.

    I have a pug frame like that... Pic to come soon

  • Mudguards, best invention ever. My bum is drier than the desert. Can't say the same about my feet, but so happy with my mudguard.

  • Mudguards rule. I was about 18 months old when I started making signals to my mum that I'd had enough of my arse being soggy. I've no intention of regressing.

  • i have no mudguards and a soggy arse.

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