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  • Looks good Ed, wanna do mine?

  • I have a Schwable Big Ben in 55mm that'll be used for off roading, and 48mm Compass tyres for on roading.

  • Yet another question probably already asked before. Will the 35mm longboards fit over 32 Gatorskins or will I need 45mm?

    Also in case anyone is looking to get some, Halfords (uggghhh) are doing them for £23 at the moment, might be worth a price match if you can't face buying from Halfords.

  • If you like to live dangerously ..

    Thanks for the tip .. looking for 45mm version; will buy.

  • I wish you hadn't told me about the Halfrauds.

  • A tire measuring 32mm is really tight with a mudguard on a steamroller and can be hard to even get it ridable, the clearance is rather nonexistent even with a 30mm. I've been happier with something around 28mm. But yes, it can be done.

  • Does anyone know what bits I'll need to fit SKS Longboards to a Kinesis 4S disc? It's running discs, so the caliper mounts are empty, but will presumably need to be used...

  • Does it not have eyelit?

  • Wait for the calipers to arrived, then fit it with it bending the stay.

    This is a very good site with example of fitting with disc calipers;­d-fenders-for-bicycle-touring/

  • Cheers Ed, sorry to clarify I meant the rim brake calipers. Where the mudguards will have to attach to the crown of the fork and the brake bridge on the seat stays.

  • How did these work out Tom?

    I've just received a pair from wiggle, £16, look great, nice big flaps.... Looking forward to getting them fitted.

    Just waiting for the catch.

  • I really like them.

    They look good, I've had no problems with them despite daily use, and they're flexible enough that my whole bike rests on the back mudguard in the shed (hung from a Clug) and they spring back to where they should be every day.

    No catch here!

  • Just what I wanted to hear. They're definitely a lot smarter than chromoplastics and a good shape. Pictures online were misleading, I'm glad I got the flaps.

    Can't believe they were £16!

  • Cheaper from chain reaction. Added bonus: no need to go to halfords.

  • When one just isn't enough...

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  • Pengy as fuck

  • So I asked this yesterday, but I think it worded it badly...

    For those of you who've fitted mudguards to bikes with disc brakes. How do you attach the mudguard supports at the brake bridges? Where the support would normally sit between (for instance) the fork and the front brake, how do you attach the mudguard to that caliper brake hole when you're not running calipers? What bolt or whatever is required?


  • Any (M5) bolt long enough. They'll usually come with one.

  • Bolting on to what? Will I need one of those sunken brake bolt things for the back of the fork crown? Guess there's no way of having the bolt sit flush to the front of the fork and maybe have that support attach at the back of the fork?

  • Through the fork crown, where a brake bolt would go.
    Exactly what you can do depend son what fork you have. I've always thought that, if I could be bothered, I could get a bolt to go just through the rear part of the fork crown (of course, that will only work where you have access to the end of the steerer). That would look neater. Unfortunately mudguards + discs are always a bit of a bodge and you may have a stray bolt...
    Best get a dynamo light to make that bolt worthwhile!

  • Hmm, that's a shame. The fork is one of these.

    I wonder what the best way of making it look alright is? Google image searching mudguards disc brakes just gets pics of interesting ways to bend the metal stays around disc calipers...

  • You have mid-blade eyelets - fit the stays to those and they'll be well clear of the callipers. A little bit of bending will be needed at the ends (so the angle of the stays matches the mounts on the guard itself , but it can look very good with little effort.
    It also looks like your steerer is open at the bottom - you could try and bolt only through half the crown? An allen key should fit through from the front which avoids having to fit a spanner in while you tighten. I don't think there's a way to have the bolt flush at the front though, sorry.

  • Cheers, yeah I'm fine with the eyelets on the inside of the fork. One good bend in the stays and I'll be sorted.

    I'm not sure I get what you mean with regards to only going through half the crown. If I am following what you're saying, the steerer isn't open at the bottom, so I guess whatever bolt I used would have to come through the full length of the fork rather than just going from the middle of the fork to the back...

    Bit of a shame there's no hole vertically straight up into the fork crown to screw the mudguard directly into the fork (with maybe a spacer or something).

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