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  • Just been quoted £60 for a rail repair on a B17 Narrow. For parts plus labour that seems quite reasonable... but... brand new B17 Narrow £66 on wiggle.

  • How old was the original saddle? Possibly worth the repair if it was broken in to be comfortable, but I know CTC/Audax types are of the opinion that the leather on modern Brooks isn't as long-lasting as on vintage ones. Either way, you might be able to sell the old one for spare or repair?

  • I think about 10yrs old, bought on here 2nd hand but very light use and the leather feels in good condition.

    I might try to DIY fix, which was my original plan but I'd not got around to it so had figured the repair service might be a good lazy option.

  • New saddle has extra laces that match my Pompino. Could be more anti than it was even before?

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  • Just left the one on for now, might play around adding the blue & red.

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  • Cambium + Carradice Classic rack = No Dice.

    Bag and rack total weight was 3.5kg so hardly overloaded.

    Luckily this happened as I rolled my bike off the +/- 2" step outside my flat not while I was riding.

    The way they snapped makes me beleive that had I had the bag strapped directly to them they may still have failed at some point during my ride today so I'm very glad the rack maybe accelerated the failure.

    I bought this as an 'All Weather' saddle but I think they all have this fibreglass cantle plate now and only special edition models have the metal ones.

    I fitted my older C17 and did the ride I had planned with the bag on the rack and it was fine.

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  • One side of my all weather snapped while using with a super c on straps. Bag was pretty full but sat on a rear rack. Took a couple months of gravel road touring until it happened.

    Not sure why they kept the loops on if they can't handle much load.

    Currently trying to get it warrantied.

  • Yeah the way they went on such as tiny drop I wouldn’t trust them even attached with straps.

    I’ve emailed them. Not keeping my fingers crossed for a reply but will give them 48 hours or so until I start tagging them in social media posts and unleash the fury of my massive Insta following on them. Lol.

    Oh bloody hell, I’ve just remembered I bought a c15 All Weather off eBay two nights ago. That’ll be going straight back on.

  • I think Brooks will exchange no problem but I have to do it through sjs and they said it could take a couple months.

    It's a shame because I find it really comfy and if you could put a loaded up saddle bag on it would be a cherry on top.

    Maybe just use it with those bolt on loops? What saddle would you use instead, leather Brooks?

  • Yeah it totally sucks because I was finding the older one I have super comfy on this bike.

    I'm not the original owner of the 'All Weather' so I'll be shit outta luck on the warranty front. I also imagine they'll just say its the fault of the rack.

    Oh well, I just picked up a super worn out metal plate c17 from ebay for a steal so I'll just switch out the rear plates and be back in action.

    The c15 was for a bike with a sportier position. I'd probably not want to use the Carradice on it so much but just having the option was going to be good. I'll probably try it out to see if it's comfy and if I like it I'll wait for a metal plate one to come up for sale.

  • I've forgotten about the metal plate ones. Might see if they will swap me,otherwise I guess I will scout eBay.

  • through sjs and they said it could take a couple months.

    Probably only because a bloke in the far east has ordered every brooks saddle in the country...

  • Looks like I'm in the market for a new saddle. Balls.

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  • Indra issue or just wear?

  • Don’t throw it out, that rear plate will be of use to someone.

    It’s a c15?

  • Yeah, pretty sure its the 15 and not the 17.

    Not sure what caused it, just wear i think. I bought it from Brixton Cycles so will email them and how long ago it was, see if it is covered under warranty still

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  • I think that's a known weak point, of the earlier Cambiums at least; IIRC there was a fair bit of discussion on the CTC forums about the failures at the time.

  • Well, that escalated quickly!

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  • That's pretty minimalist, probably puts it in the weight range of a normal saddle : )

  • Probably quite comfy too.

    Do the Cambium model C-numbers match the usual leather model B-numbers?

    I've got a B-15 Swallow (Ti) that fits my arse quite well (I rode it for 20km before doing PBP on it and had no problems).

    Before that I had a B17 that was OK but wasn't amazing (and I sold it on).

    So I'd assume I'd be looking at a C15 for a Cambium.

    What about the C13? Twice the money for what? Just lighter? Still looks roughly the shape of a C15.

  • What would you guy recommend for an old dried and cracked brooks saddle to be brought back to life?

  • Replace top unless pics show some potential.

  • Out withe the old and in with the even older. Took the saddle back to Brixton Cycles so hoping might get a replacement. My old, @Skülly stamped, swift back on for the interim

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Brooks Saddles

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